A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2685

“What I am, you don’t need to know, but what I can tell you is that I’ve been here all along, because it’s me that’s suppressed under this massive formation ……”

The man said!

“It’s you?” Kai was startled, then he looked at the two horns on the man’s head and said “You’re not a human, right? Are you a beast? Are the horns on your head dragon horns? Are you a dragon?”

Kai himself had always been called the Golden Dragon’s true body and the son of a dragon, so Kai had always felt that his father should be of the dragon race too!

If this man in front of him was of the dragon race, then he would be the first person of the dragon race that Kai had ever seen!

Kai could also get some things about his own father from this man’s mouth!

The man looked at Kai and did not admit or deny it, but smiled lightly and said “As I said, don’t care about my identity, it is fate that you have come here, open this formation and you will have unexpected rewards.”

“But this formation is too huge, there is no way for me to open it.” Kai said with some frustration!

He had studied it for half a day, but he couldn’t find where the eyes of the formation were, so there was no way to open this formation!

While looking at Kai like that, the man suddenly laughed.

“Since you can’t open this formation from here, why don’t you try to open it from inside?”

The man said.

“Open it from the inside?” Kai gave an instant freeze!

He did not understand what the man meant, now that the formation was not opened, Kai had no way to enter it, so how could he try to open it from the inside?

Just as Kai was confused, he saw the man’s palm wave gently, and Kai’s body instantly began to levitate!

Immediately afterwards, Kai felt the blood in his body begin to boil, and blood continued to seep out from around his skin!

Soon, all around Kai turned blood red, which made Kai tense up and try to struggle!

But the man’s voice rang out “Don’t struggle, imagine yourself as this huge spell formation and blend into it ……”

The moment Kai heard this, he directly dispersed all of his divine sense, allowing it to follow the huge spell formation and fuse with it!

Thousands of lights slowly rose up within the formation, enveloping Kai!

At this moment, Kai was like a baby in the womb, his eyes slightly closed, comfortably enjoying himself!

Slowly, Kai’s body was descending, his entire body was wrapped in the formation, and then his body penetrated the formation and fell into another dimension!

When Kai opened his eyes, he found that the huge formation had already reached the top of his head, the formation was still shining brightly, but at this moment, when he looked over, he could easily find where the formation’s eyes were!

Incredulous, Kai looked at the man beside him, he could not understand how this had been done.

The man smiled and said, “Don’t think of using force to solve anything you encounter, try to integrate with your heart, maybe you will find that you can integrate many things ……”

“Fusion?” Kai frowned slightly, he still couldn’t quite understand what the man meant!

“All things in this world are born from each other and are compatible, you still have too much to learn.”

“Do you know where we are now?”

The man asked to Kai!

“Aren’t we at the bottom of the Pill Pond pool?” Kai finished and looked around!

He found that although the surroundings were dark, there was a green mane flickering not far away, and followed by the faint light, Kai could also see countless skeleton-like supports all around!

Each one of them was as big as a small mountain, and the texture was somewhat crystal, like white jade.

Kai ran towards the green mane not far away, and only when he entered did he discover that it was a dragon crystal!


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