A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2684

“Hahahaha, Second Senior Brother really sees things thoroughly, since you have chosen to be on my side, I will reward you heavily when we have cleaned them up.”

Hu Yixiao laughed out loud!

Looking at Hu Yixiao’s happy look, the Second Elder also smiled with the corners of his mouth raised, except that the Second Elder’s smile was tinged with a bit of sinisterness!

After leaving Hu Yixiao’s residence, the Second Elder went to the warehouse again, then opened the formation in the corner and instantly arrived in a pitch-black space!

Here, Ochre Yan was recuperating, a few days ago, he had brought his men to kill Kai, but ended up losing several of his own men instead of killing Kai, which made Ochre Yan very depressed!

When he saw the Second Elder coming, Ochre Yan only opened his eyes slightly, and then had them closed!

“Here’s our chance ……”

The Second Elder said to Ochre Yan with slight excitement!

“You’re planning to take over the Jade Tripod Sect?” Ochre Yan asked.

“Good, this time is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us.”

The Second Elder nodded and said!

“I’ve just lost several experts, if I go and take the Jade Tripod Sect now, how sure can I be?”

“And that Kai, I’m afraid he’s the biggest variable in the Jade Tripod Sect, that fellow is indeed evil enough.”

Ochre Yan now had a bit of a headache when he thought of Kai!

“Hahahaha, don’t worry, that Kai won’t be appearing anymore, he has been trapped in the Pill Pond, he might be dead by now.”

“You just need to contact all the people you can, all of them, you tell them that as long as I seize the Jade Tripod Sect, then in the future you won’t have to hide anymore, you can live in the Jade Tripod Sect openly and honestly.”

“That Hu Yixiao thinks that if he finds the cooperation of the beast race, he can sit firmly on the Jade Tripod Sect’s patriarchal throne, he’s too naive in his thinking ……”

The Second Elder said with a smug look on his face!

“Good, I’ll gather the people together and wait for your news ……”

Ochre Yan nodded his head!

The Second Elder left from the warehouse with a look of excitement on his face, for his vision was about to come true!


The bottom of the pill pond!

Kai had finally finished carefully examining the entire huge array!

In order to break the formation, one must first find the eye of the formation, unless Kai’s strength was much higher than the formation!

With Kai’s current strength, it was obviously impossible to break this huge formation!

“This formation is too strange, how come I can’t find where the eyes of the formation are located?”

Kai was amazed that after searching for so half a day, he could not find the location where the formation eye was located properly.

If he couldn’t find where the eye of the formation was, then there was no way for Kai to break this formation, and there was no way to know what was actually suppressed under this formation!

Just when Kai was at a loss for words, a ripple suddenly appeared on the side of the formation, as if someone had also entered the bottom of the pool!

As the ripples grew larger and larger, Kai soon saw a light figure, and as the light figure came closer and closer, Kai could see that the light figure was a man in a long shirt, but the man seemed to have two horns on his head!

Seeing the man coming towards him, Kai’s expression became wary and he directly gripped the Dragon Cutting Sword tightly in his hand!

“You don’t need to be nervous, I won’t hurt you and I’m not capable of hurting you now ……”

“I’m just a shadow right now, I don’t have any abilities at all ……”

The man smiled faintly at Kai and said.

Kai used his divine sense to envelop the man’s divine sense, indeed he did not feel any breath in the man’s divine sense, it was obvious that this man was just a vapour!

When Kai saw this, he relaxed and asked, “Who are you? Why did you appear here?”


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