A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2682

“I came to find Missy, and when I found out she was still alive, I was thrilled inside.”

“I know you are looking for an opportunity to take the Jade Tripod Sect back from the strength of Eldest Brother, so I came to see what I could do to help you.”

The Second Elder said straight to the point!

When Third Elder heard this, he looked a little surprised, he didn’t expect Second Elder to be so blunt.

“Second Elder, why do you want to help me? You know that your disciple was just killed by my disciple, it’s good that you don’t hate me, and you would still help me?”

“Besides, you privately contacted the devil cultivators and used their hands to kill my people, and now you’re coming to say that you helped us, how can I trust you?”

Since the Second Elder was very blunt, so the Third Elder didn’t beat around the bush and directly told the story about the Second Elder being in contact with the Devil Cultivators!

“Senior brother, I think you’ve got it wrong, it’s not you I’m helping, it’s Missy I’m helping!”

“If Eldest Miss is not alive, I still see you as a thorn in my side, that Kai I will still hunt down and kill to the end.”

“But now that Eldest Miss is still alive, you and I were both promoted by the old Patriarch, of course we have to think of Eldest Miss!”

“That Hu Yixiao, I’ve also been sick of seeing him for a long time, ever since he was the then Jade Tripod Patriarch, he’s always seen no one in sight and has never treated us as human beings, he can beat and scold whenever he wants, I’ve had enough of that for a long time!”

The Second Elder was full of anger and cursed at that Hu Yixiao!

The Third Elder looked at the Second Elder’s face and believed him, after all, the Second Elder had been smacked in the mouth by Hu Yixiao in public, and the Third Elder had seen it!

It would be hard to believe that the Second Elder didn’t feel a little resentment after being slapped.

That’s why the Second Elder is now acting very angry and cursing Hu Yixiao, so the Third Elder will believe him!

After all, Liu Ruyan had been in a coma all these years and she didn’t know anything that had happened, so she didn’t know if what the Second Elder said was true or not, she could only see the Third Elder’s reaction!

“Second elder brother, since you know the identity of the eldest miss and have secretly come here yourself, I’m sure you already have a solution, right?”

“That Hu Yixiao used poison to kill the old Patriarch, fortunately, Eldest Miss didn’t deserve to die and finally woke up after being in a coma for a few years.”

“Now that Eldest Miss has woken up, what is the best way to make that Hu Yixiao pay the price and take the Jade Tripod Sect from his hands?”

The Third Elder asked tentatively to the Second Elder!

“Third senior brother, all these years, you’ve been here alone, you’re not too clear about the matters within the sect at all.”

“That Hu Yixiao is dictatorial and authoritarian, and many people in the Jade Tripod Sect are complaining, if at this time, Eldest Miss stands out and exposes what Hu Yixiao has done, I believe many people will support Eldest Miss.”

“There will be a sect assembly in a few days, we can have Eldest Miss attend the assembly in disguise and then stand out at the assembly to expose Hu Yixiao’s crimes.”

“When that time comes, the two of us will speak out together in support of Eldest Miss and directly isolate that Hu Yixiao!”

“At that time, Hu Yixiao will become a rat that everyone shouts at, and Eldest Miss can easily take back the Jade Tripod Sect and still bring Hu Yixiao to justice to avenge the old Patriarch.”

The Second Elder analyzed carefully!

The Third Elder listened to the Second Elder’s words and fell into deep contemplation, then said, “Second Brother, is what you say true?”

“Of course, do you think I would harm Eldest Miss? If I wanted to harm Eldest Miss, I would have revealed Eldest Miss’s identity on the day the Pill Pond opened.”

The Second Elder said with a serious face, very serious.


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