A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2681

Jade Tripod Sect, Third Elder’s Quarters!

Now two days have passed, the Pill Pond has been closed and there is no news of Kai, so it seems that Kai is already in grave danger!

Originally, the Third Elder had wanted Liu Ruyan to follow Kai and form a daoist couple, so that he could use Kai’s strength to help Liu Ruyan take over the Jade Tripod Sect!

Now that Kai’s death was unknown, the Third Elder would need to think long and hard about recapturing the Jade Tripod Sect!

“Third Elder, how many of my father’s old troops are still in the Jade Tripod Sect today?”

Liu Ruyan asked to the Third Elder!

“Eldest Miss, there are quite a few of the old patriarch’s old men, but after so many years, I’m afraid that those people have long since fallen under the spell of alcohol and wealth, and have become traitorous with that Hu Yixiao.”

The Third Elder said with a slight frown!

Liu Ruyan was also frowning, her expression was very ugly, many people would not care about love and righteousness in front of interests!

“Third Elder, if I can ask the Supreme Elder to step in, will he support me?”

Liu Ruyan asked!

If I could get the support of the Supreme Elder, then it would be much easier to take back the Jade Tripod Sect, as long as the Supreme Elder said one word, that Hu Yixiao probably wouldn’t even dare to say a word!

Moreover, the entire Jade Tripod Sect would definitely listen to the words of the Supreme Elder, after all, all the people of the Jade Tripod Sect treated the Supreme Elder as a god!

But the Third Elder shook his head and said, “The Supreme Elder has long since stopped asking about the Jade Tripod Sect’s fights. As long as someone doesn’t invade the Jade Tripod Sect and make it live or die, the Supreme Elder won’t step in.”

Without the support of the Elders, she didn’t know how sure she was that she would be able to defeat Hu Yixiao and take back the Jade Tripod Sect!

Unconsciously, Liu Ruyan’s heart thought of Kai again, although she had not known Kai for long, she could always find security from Kai, if Kai was there, perhaps Kai would have an idea!

Just as both the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan fell into silence, suddenly a figure seemed to flash outside the window!

“What man?”

The Third Elder was startled and questioned loudly!

To know that Liu Ruyan’s identity must not be exposed, there was someone outside the room window now, they had just found out, if Liu Ruyan’s identity was exposed out, not to mention taking back the Yuding Clan from Hu Yixiao, I was afraid it would be impossible to escape from the Yuding Clan!

If Hu Yixiao knew that Liu Ruyan was still alive, he would definitely do whatever he could to kill Liu Ruyan!

“Third senior brother, there’s no need to make a fuss, it’s me ……”

At this moment, the Second Elder pushed open the door and walked in!

“Second Senior Brother?” Third Elder was full of surprise!

The Second Elder looked at Liu Ruyan and said with a slight salute “Greetings, First Miss ……”

“Second Elder, how did you …… come here?”

Liu Ruyan also asked in surprise!

After all, this was the Third Elder’s quarters, normally the Second Elder would not come here at all!

The Third Elder’s aura had already started to rise up at this moment, ready to strike at the Second Elder at any moment, and Liu Ruyan’s identity could never be exposed!

Although the Second Elder was slightly stronger, but with Liu Ruyan around, Liu Ruyan was now also a strong member of the Harmonious Body realm, the Third Elder plus Liu Ruyan would not necessarily be no match for the Second Elder!

The second elder felt the killing intent rising from the third elder and hurriedly smiled, “Third senior brother, you don’t have to do that, if I wanted to tell the identity of the first lady, the day the pill pond opened, the first senior brother would have already known about it.”

Second Elder had already begun to suspect Liu Ruyan’s identity on the day the Pill Pond opened!

Although Liu Ruyan had changed her appearance and voice, there were some auras on her body that could not be changed!

“Second senior brother, what exactly is the matter with you coming here?”

The Third Elder asked coldly to the Second Elder!


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