A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2680

“Could it be that there is something else sealed at the bottom of this medicine pool?”

Looking at the formation pattern, Kai’s heart was astonished!

But since he had already arrived here, no matter what was at the bottom of the Pill Pond, Kai intended to find out what was there!

As Kai continued to go deeper, the originally faint light began to brighten, and the formation patterns also began to become dense, and as Kai glanced over, there were dense formation runes for miles around.

It was the first time Kai had ever seen such a large and complex array of runes!

The faint light he saw just now was not caused by the formation chanting rescue, but because the water at the bottom of the pool was as dark as ink, that’s why the light was faint!

Now that Kai was in front of the formation, the light on the formation became brighter!

Looking at the complex array of runes in front of him, Kai was somewhat at a loss for words!

If such a huge formation had been laid by one person, then that person was definitely a top formation master!

If there was a single flaw in such a huge formation, the whole huge formation would be lost!

Kai was now one of the best in the art of formation, but if he was asked to carve such a huge formation, Kai was afraid that he could not do it yet!

But how could there be such a huge formation at the bottom of a pill pond of the Jade Tripod Sect?

What was the purpose of hiding such a huge formation here?

Kai slowly landed on top of the formation, then gently touched the huge formation with his hand, feeling the aura within the formation, and mutually Kai was able to find out from the residual aura of the formation, what kind of person had laid such a huge formation!

When Kai’s hand touched the formation, a white soft light instantly wrapped around Kai, this soft light was not the least bit offensive, instead it made Kai feel very comfortable!

Just as Kai was wrapped in the soft light, the Dragon Crystal on his chest actually shone with light, and a trace of the power of the divine Dragon emanated out, immediately merging with the soft light!

At that very moment, Kai seemed to feel some kind of summoning, he could clearly know that there was a certain object being suppressed underneath this huge formation!

Kai gently placed his hands on the formation, closed his eyes and emitted his divine sense!

The dragon crystals inside his body flickered faster and faster, and the power of the divine dragon was gushing out!

The soft white light that was emitted from the formation became blindingly bright as the power of the divine dragon gushed out from Kai’s body!

And Kai’s divine dragon power began to pound on the formation!

The divine Dragon Force seemed to have broken away from Kai’s control and possessed an autonomous consciousness, constantly attacking the huge formation underneath Kai’s feet on its own!

And a blinding white light emanated from the formation, dispersing the Divine Dragon Force emanating from Kai’s body over and over again!

Kai frowned slightly, and with a light wave of his palms, he opened his mouth and sucked in the raging power of the divine dragon.

After suppressing the manic power of the divine dragon, Kai carefully inspected the formation under his feet!

At this moment, Kai seemed to have understood something!

Underneath this formation, there should be a giant dragon suppressing him, and this giant dragon seemed to have some origin with him, so that the power of the divine dragon inside him was out of control!

Kai examined it carefully, he found that there was no danger in this huge formation, as long as no one took the initiative to destroy it, the formation would not take the initiative to attack people either!

Quite the contrary, on top of this formation, instead of being dangerous, there would be a great benefit, for within this formation, there was a great deal of gentle power!

The soft white light that just wrapped around Kai made him very comfortable, and if the power of the divine dragon hadn’t suddenly gone berserk and launched itself against the formation, this formation shouldn’t have struck back!

After observing the formation for a while, Kai gently pressed one hand on one of the formations, and a spiritual power slowly punched into the formation!

Buzz …………

Suddenly a huge force instantly catapulted Kai out of the way ……

Seeing this, Kai could only helplessly and slowly study it again!


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