A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2678

“Third Elder, is this really going to happen? Could it be that dangerous to go deeper into the pill pond?”

Liu Ruyan asked in a small voice with a worried face.

The Third Elder nodded with a grave face “According to the records, the deeper you go into that Pill Pond, the more dense and overbearing the spiritual energy becomes, and it would be hard for an average person’s body to withstand it.”

“Even the supreme elders who had soaked in the Pill Pond for three hours didn’t dare to go deeper into the Pill Pond back then.”

“If Mr. Chen really goes deeper into it, I’m afraid it will be fatal ……”

Hearing the Third Elder say so, Liu Ruyan’s face turned extremely ugly!

In her heart, she had just developed feelings for Kai, but Kai had turned out to be like this!

“Master, or else I’ll go look for it in ……”

Fang Shu was ready to return to take another look.

“Stop!” At this time Hu Yixiao spoke up “What do you take the medicine pool for? You think it’s your bathhouse, you can go in whenever you want.”

“Now that you two have come out, the Pill Pond will be closed ……”

Hu Yixiao was ready to close the pool!

“Senior brother, I still have disciples in there that haven’t come out, how can you close the Pill Pond?”

Third Elder hurriedly questioned at Hu Yixiao!

“It’s been over two hours now, how could that Kai have been in there for so long, maybe he would have been a puddle of blood and flesh by now.”

Hu Yixiao said coldly!

“Senior brother, back then the Supreme Elder was still in there for three hours, it’s only been a little over two hours, why are you closing the Pill Pond?”

Third Elder asked!

“Hmph, can that Kai be compared to the Supreme Elder? But since you said that, then I’ll give you an hour, if that Kai still doesn’t come out, I’m going to close the Pill Pond!”

Hu Yixiao finished his sentence, found a big rock and sat down, waiting quietly!

The Third Elder had no choice but to pray that Kai would come out soon, but in the Third Elder’s mind, he knew that his hope was very slim!

And at that moment, Kai was still floating quietly in that pale green area!

The Undying Golden Body was still shining with a piercing golden light!

Slowly opening his eyes, Kai violently sank downwards once more!

Soon, all the light around him dimmed, the surroundings were pitch black, even the water in the medicinal pond turned inky, and one couldn’t see a finger!

Kai could only rely on his divine sense to feel his way down, and at this moment, a clear and crisp sound suddenly came out of Kai’s sea of consciousness, just like a chick breaking through its shell!

Immediately afterwards, Kai’s body shook violently, and his eyes flashed with light!

Kai instantly withdrew his divine consciousness and his body stopped moving, for he knew that this was the time he had reached the forbidden breakthrough!

Kai’s whole body meridians were released, allowing the aura to hit all parts of his body without restraint!

Boom …………

Suddenly, the calm medicinal pool suddenly raised a shocking wave as a thick column of water soared from the bottom of the pool!

“It’s at the peak of the Transformation Realm ……”

Kai’s face was full of excitement!

He didn’t expect that he had only entered the Pill Pond this long ago, and the realm that had plagued him for a long time had broken through like this!

Kai felt that the spiritual energy within his body had condensed to a new level, as well as his divine sense and his physical body, which had also become much stronger!

“It seems that if he stays here, breaking through the Transformation Realm and reaching the Harmonious Body Realm is just around the corner ……”

Kai was inwardly excited, cultivating in this medicinal pool was many times faster than outside!

Kai was quite satisfied with his choice at this time, Kai also did not expect that the Jade Tripod Sect’s Pill Pond would be so powerful!

At this moment, the crowd waiting for Kai at the pass had heard the commotion inside the Pill Pond!

“What is this commotion?”

Everyone was shocked and looked in the direction of the Pill Pond!


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