A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2677

Unknowingly, Kai noticed that the colour of the water in the Pill Pond in front of him began to change, turning light green, proving that Kai had come to another layer of the Pill Pond!

Kai dipped into this light green medicinal pond water, his body did not move in the slightest, nor did he run his gongfu, yet he felt as if countless things were squeezing towards him all around him!

That was the pressure caused by the too dense aura, automatically entering his body, Kai already felt his chest suffocating a little, and his bones were beginning to creak!

Seeing this, Kai activated his Unbreakable Golden Body, his whole body was covered with golden scales, followed by his whole body with his eyes slightly closed, staying motionlessly in place!

At this moment, Kai didn’t dare to go deeper, he could only slowly adapt to the surroundings!

Kai’s Dantian was like a bottomless pit, absorbing the spiritual energy that was pouring into his body, not refusing to accept it!

At this moment, above the medicinal pond, Liu Ruyan and Fang Shu had long since disembarked, and the two of them were anxiously searching for Kai!

In just fifty minutes, Liu Ruyan had broken through the peak of the Transformation Realm and reached the Harmony Realm!

Fang Shu also lasted for more than half an hour, but finally his body could not take it anymore and he went ashore!

But the two of them had been ashore for more than an hour, but they found that they had never found Kai’s figure!

“What the …… hell is going on here? Why has Chen disappeared?”

Fang Shu was extremely anxious, he had searched the entire medicine pond, but still no sign of Kai!

At this time, Liu Ruyan was also very anxious, the area of the medicine pond was not very huge, how could a big living person not be found?

Fang Shu and Liu Ruyan searched in vain, even around the pond, if they stayed too long, it would cause irreversible damage to their bodies!

After all, the spiritual qi here all swarmed towards the body involuntarily, and if one was not strong enough to refine the spiritual qi that entered the body in time, it would also cause damage to the body!

Now Liu Ruyan and Fang Shu had already reached their limit, if they stayed any longer, they were afraid that an accident would occur!

“Let’s go, let’s go out first ……”

Although Liu Ruyan wanted to keep looking, she knew that if they stayed any longer, they were both afraid that they wouldn’t be able to leave!

The helpless Fang Shu could only follow Liu Ruyan and quickly walk out of the range of the pill pond!

The Jade Tripod Clan was still waiting at the pass!

After all, it would only take a few hours to enter the Pill Pond, even for those who were strong, so the crowd usually waited at the pass!

Hu Yixiao and the Second Elder didn’t leave either, even though their disciples had been burnt beyond recognition by the blazing fire before they even entered the Pill Pond, they stayed behind, intending to see how Kai was doing!

Soon, two figures appeared at the defile, Liu Ruyan and Fang Shu came out!

When the Third Elder saw Fang Shu and Liu Ruyan coming out, he was stunned and hurriedly went up to them, “Fang Shu, where is Mr. Chen?”

Fang Shu looked at the Third Elder and bowed his head in fear!

It was Liu Ruyan who spoke up and said “Kai has disappeared ……”

“Disappeared?” The Third Elder’s eyes were wide open, his face full of disbelief!

“How could he have disappeared? That medicine pond isn’t very big, and there’s only this one way ……”

The Third Elder simply didn’t understand how a large living person could go in and suddenly disappear!

Liu Ruyan could only give a brief account of what happened after they went in, and then the Third Elder’s brow furrowed!

Since Kai could not be seen on the surface of the Pill Pond, and since Kai had not come out of it, there was only one possibility, and that was that Kai had sunk to the bottom of the pond!

Hearing this, Hu Yixiao and the Second Elder at the side guessed the same as the Third Elder!

It was impossible for a living person to disappear for no reason, the reason they couldn’t see Kai inside the Pill Pond was because he had sunk to the bottom of the pond!

“Hmph, this Kai really doesn’t know the sky is high, it’s been over two hours now, if he really dared to go deeper into the depths of the Pill Pond, he would probably have exploded and died by now.”

The Second Elder said with some gloating!


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