A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2676

“Second Brother, what the hell is going on here? How did this happen?”

Hu Yixiao looked at the disciples whose faces had been burned beyond recognition and questioned the Second Elder!

After all, this examination formation was all managed by the Second Elder, and it was also the Second Elder who came up with this idea, and now it was indeed their own people who had been burned!

” This …… I don’t know what’s going on either ……”

The second elder was also confused, he had long ago instructed not to let his disciples take the lead, how did it end up like this!

At this time, the third elder on the side also seems to see what is going on, so gloating said “Harm to others will end up harming themselves, this is retribution, right ……”

The third elder’s words made Hu Yixiao and the second elder’s faces turn even uglier!

At this time, Kai and the others had already reached the pill pond!

Kai looked at the Pill Pond in front of him, only to see a white mist shrouded above the Pill Pond, which was formed because of the dense spiritual energy!

“Let’s go down ……”

When Kai saw this, he was a little impatient to go down.

“Mr. Chen, although this medicinal pool is good, you can’t soak in it for long, you have to stop it in moderation.”

Fang Shu reminded Kai!

“I understand!” Kai nodded, and then leapt down!

Just as he entered the medicinal pool, Kai felt the dense spiritual qi that he couldn’t use to absorb, and he desperately drilled towards the inside of his body!

Fang Shu also followed suit and leapt down, slowly enjoying the feeling brought by the medicinal pool!

Only Liu Ruyan was still hesitant, she was a girl after all, so if she jumped into the pool, her body would definitely be exposed after being soaked in the water, and then she would be discovered!

Now Fang Shu still didn’t know Liu Ruyan’s true identity!

Kai could see Liu Ruyan’s concern, so he said to Fang Shu, “Brother Fang, the medicinal pool is so big, I think we should dip separately, if we are too close, I am afraid that it will affect each other’s cultivation and absorption!”

“Mr. Chen is right, I’ll walk a little further away ……”

Fang Shu nodded, so he swam towards the distance!

After Fang Shu swam away, Kai looked at Liu Ruyan and said “You can come down now, I’ll go somewhere else too ……”

With that, Kai was about to swim to other places, but before Kai could swim away, Liu Ruyan had already jumped into it!

The body was wet with water, and Liu Ruyan’s exquisite figure was instantly revealed!

After all, he had seen Liu Ruyan when she was naked, so this was no longer attractive!

Seeing Kai not even look at himself, Liu Ruyan looked a little angry!

But as the aura continued to enter her body, Liu Ruyan knew that this was a rare opportunity, so she didn’t bother with Kai and hurriedly closed her eyes and began to cultivate!

Kai himself slowly sank into the water, desperately absorbing the dense spiritual energy!

Kai’s realm was growing at a rate visible to the naked eye!

At this moment, Kai suddenly had an idea, he wanted to see what the bottom of this medicinal pool was really like!

So Kai sank his Qi into his Dantian and his body began to fall towards the bottom of the Pill Pond at a rapid pace.

After falling for an unknown period of time, Kai suddenly found that the originally clear pool had turned light blue, as if he was in the middle of a blue ocean!

When Kai was in this blue, he found that no matter the concentration of spiritual energy or the speed of absorption, it was many times faster than when he was in the water!

“This …………”

Kai was amazed “Could it be that the deeper this medicinal pond is, the more dense the spiritual qi is?”

Thinking of this Kai put away the excitement in his heart and once again began to continue his dive!

In the process of diving, Kai did not even need to deliberately run his gongfu cultivation, countless spiritual qi automatically swarmed towards Kai’s body!

No wonder this medicinal pool could not be soaked for long, if people who were not of a high realm or strong enough were to be hit by this spiritual qi constantly, they would definitely not be able to withstand it and burst to death.


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