A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2674

Whether it was the disciples of Hu Yixiao’s line or the disciples of the Second Elder’s line, at this moment these people were all looking at Kai with a very unfriendly look in their eyes!

Especially the four disciples from the Second Elder’s lineage, their eyes were full of killing intent, they wanted to tear Kai to pieces!

Only Kai didn’t care, even Kuang Biao had been killed by himself, the rest of the Second Elder’s disciples, he didn’t care at all!

If these guys dared to find trouble with him, then he would never show mercy!

However, Kai also knew that the Second Elder must have made a good arrangement, so this time, he was afraid that his entry into the Pill Pond would not be that smooth!

After the thirteen disciples who had entered the Pill Pond were sent to a pass at the back of the mountain, the group stopped, and the rest of the way was up to them!

“Mr. Chen, you guys have to be more careful ……”

The Third Elder barked at Kai!

“Don’t worry Third Elder, with the strength of these disciples, no one can do anything to me yet!”

Kai said with full confidence!

“Master, there’s still me accompanying Mr. Chen, those guys won’t dare to make trouble.”

Fang Shu followed the Third Elder and said!

“You guys just be more careful anyway, I’m always a bit distracted.”

The Third Elder didn’t know why, he always felt a bit panicky, then he had a look at Liu Ruyan and said “Eldest Miss, no matter what happens, you just follow Mr. Chen closely.”

“Third Elder, I know!” Liu Ruyan nodded her head!

Soon after the instructions were given, the thirteen disciples walked into the pass, and as the group went deeper, the air around them began to get extremely cold!

Kai could tell with a single glance that this was just a small spell formation, and that this extreme cold did not have the slightest effect on Kai!

The other disciples didn’t care too much about this sudden extreme cold, this test was only to prevent some extremely individual disciples with low cultivation levels from mixing in and entering the medicinal pool!

After all, the energy within the Pill Pond was enormous, and if the disciples who entered it had too low a cultivation level, they were afraid that if they went down into the Pill Pond, they wouldn’t be able to withstand it at all and would simply explode and die!

So these previous tests should be just to screen out the disciples with low cultivation levels!

The group quickly passed through the extremely cold land, followed by a scene of burning flames!

Kai couldn’t help but smile as he watched this pedestrian-like test, then walked in quickly!

Fang Shu and Liu Ruyan also followed closely behind!

But right after the three of them walked in, none of the other Jade Tripod Sect disciples moved!

After walking some distance, Fang Shu suddenly felt that something was wrong, so he looked back and found that the other two disciples were all standing in the same place, with a few weird smiles on their faces!

“Mr. Chen, I feel that something is not right ……”

Fang Shu hurriedly called out to Kai!

Kai stopped himself and asked “What is it?”

“Look, those guys didn’t even follow us in, and they’re all smiling so strangely, I’m afraid there’s some kind of conspiracy!”

Fang Shu pointed at the Yuding Sect disciples who were standing in place and said!

Kai took a glance at those guys, then smiled and said “It’s alright, it’s just that someone is manipulating the formation within this examination, in a moment the blaze should become stronger, so they don’t dare to come in!”

In fact, Kai had noticed it long ago, he had experienced this kind of thing when he was in the Inner Sect examination.

“What? There’s still such a thing? There’s actually someone who can manipulate the difficulty of the examination?”

Fang Shu was astonished, as he had never heard of such a thing before!

“I was treated like this when I first took the inner sect test, it will be fine with me, let’s go ……”

Kai patted Fang Shu’s shoulder.

These test formations were child’s play to Kai, even if they were made more difficult, they wouldn’t be able to help Kai at all!


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