A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2672

Liu Ruyan felt the warmth on Kai’s hand, and after looking at the somewhat rigid side face, she was actually a bit obsessed for a while!

Soon, several people chased him to the middle of a mountain forest, when Ochre Yan suddenly stopped not far away, not running away!

Seeing this, Kai also hurriedly stopped his body.

I will definitely take revenge on my men.”

After saying this, the flames on Ochre Yan’s body suddenly flowed like water, from his body to the ground!

Under his feet it began to burn and a pattern on the ground flickered with light!

“A teleportation array?” Kai was astonished, then he shouted “Don’t try to run ……”

Kai leapt up with his Zeng Long Sword in his hand, and his sharp sword aura went straight for Ochre Yan!

But just as the sword maneuver reached Ochre Yan’s body, a white light emitted from Ochre Yan’s body, and then the white light disappeared, and so did Ochre Yan’s body!

“Damn, I let him get away, this guy is quite cautious, he even found a good way out, he even set up a teleportation formation here!”

Kai cursed when he saw that Ochre Yan had run away!

“Mr. Chen, we’d better hurry back, with all the commotion just now, if someone comes and finds out about Missy, it’ll be a bit troublesome.”

The Third Elder said to Kai!

“Good, let’s go ……”

Kai nodded, and then the three of them reentered the secret cave!

Within the cave, after giving Liu Ruyan some disguises, the three of them returned together to the Third Elder’s lineage’s quarters!

Liu Ruyan looked at the once prosperous sect’s compound, but now it was in a state of disrepair, and the disciples were only left with the Three Elders’ clan, so she couldn’t help but have hot tears in her eyes!

But Liu Ruyan could not show it, she could not let others suspect her identity!

Now Liu Ruyan’s identity was that of a newly recruited disciple of the Third Elder!

“Eldest Miss, because some time ago, Kuang soared and destroyed a lot of houses, so now the houses are a bit tight, so you can follow Mr. Chen and stay in one for the time being!”

“Your current status is that of a boy, if a separate room is prepared for you, I’m afraid that it will arouse suspicion from others!”

The Third Elder said to Liu Ruyan!

In fact, Liu Ruyan knew what the Third Elder meant, the reason he had made this arrangement was simply because he wanted the two of them to create opportunities!

“Good!” Liu Ruyan nodded, then looked at Kai and asked, “What do you think about the two of us sleeping together?”

“No problem, I meditate and cultivate at night anyway, it doesn’t affect me!”

Kai also nodded!

“Alright then, I’ll go and prepare some herbs to help Mr. Chen recover his strength.”

After the Third Elder finished speaking, he turned and walked out!

Kai, on the other hand, sat down on the ground and began to run his magic techniques, constantly replenishing his physical strength, the Pill Pond was about to open, he had to recover to the peak of his strength as soon as possible before he could do so.

Liu Ruyan looked at Kai quietly, that thumping feeling had come back!

Especially when he was chasing after Ochre Yan, Kai went up and took her hand together, that feeling kept Liu Ruyan reminiscing.

“What kind of a person are you really?”

Liu Ruyan murmured!

“Have you seen enough? If you’ve seen enough, get some rest.”

At this moment, Kai slowly spoke!

With these words, Liu Ruyan was directly startled, she thought that Kai had entered into a state of meditation, but she didn’t want her peeking to be discovered by Kai!

With a blush on her face, Liu Ruyan hurriedly got into bed and covered her head with the quilt!

Kai opened his eyes, looked at Liu Ruyan, smiled slightly, and then entered the cultivation state again!

Time was passing quickly, Kai had not woken up while sitting cross-legged, Liu Ruyan was also living in seclusion in order to hide her identity, accompanying Kai in his meditation and cultivation!

Three days later, the day the Pill Pond opened finally arrived, and Hu Yixiao returned to the clan after three days of contemplation!


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