A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2671

All the men he brought with him were now killed by Kai, not one of them was left behind, and he would never let Kai off the hook!

Feeling the terrifying aura from Ochre Yan’s body, Kai tightly gripped the Dragon Chopping Sword, his brow slightly frowning, his face full of worry!

The sword he had just used up almost all of his strength, if he fought with Ao Yan at this time, Kai was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to last for a few moves!

But at that moment, two figures suddenly approached from afar!

“Ochre Yan, you demonic cultivator, I never thought you would still be alive ……”

Very far away, the Third Elder’s voice could be heard coming over!

When Ochre Yan looked at the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan coming, his whole face turned ugly!

“Third Elder, do you know this person?”

Kai asked in a very strange manner!

He didn’t understand how Third Elder knew this demonic cultivator!

“Of course I know him, back then, when we were chasing this group of demonic cultivators to kill him, we also had our Jade Tripod Sect involved.”

“At first it was all said that this fellow had been killed, I wonder how he’s still alive now!”

The Third Elder said!

Hearing the Third Elder’s words, Kai pondered a little and said “Third Elder, who said that Ochre Yan was dead back then?”

“Second senior brother said so, he said that he personally killed Ochre Yan.”

The Third Elder replied!

At this moment, Kai was enlightened, and he finally understood why this Ochre Yan had come to kill himself, after all, he had followed Ochre Yan without any enmity, he had never even met him, and now Ochre Yan wanted his life, so he must have been instructed by someone!

Kai had only been in the Celestial Realm for a short time, so he didn’t have many deadly enemies, nor did he have many people who wanted him dead!

The only one who wanted to kill him was the Second Elder!

“It seems that the Second Elder lied, the Second Elder did not kill this demon cultivator, but hid him in captivity, and now in order to take revenge, he has released him to kill me.”

“No wonder I didn’t know this guy, yet I met him and struck him dead!”

Kai said indifferently!

As soon as the Third Elder heard this, he immediately looked at this way “Ochre Amazing, did my senior brother save you and now send you out to kill Mr. Chen?”

“Humph, do you think I will tell you?”

Ochre Yan coldly snorted, and then with a wave of his hand, a sky-rocketing blaze rose!

Kai and the Third Elder hurriedly retreated backwards, while Ochre Yan took the opportunity to turn around and run!

Ochre Yan knew that with his strength, he had no chance of winning against Kai and the three of them!

“We can’t let him get away ……”

Kai finished speaking and chased after him with his sword!

Seeing this, the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan also hurriedly followed after him!

As long as they caught Ochre Yan, the Second Elder would be guilty of harbouring a demonic cultivator, and then, without Kai having to do anything, the rules of the Jade Tripod Sect would make it impossible for this Second Elder to live!

After all, in this celestial realm where demon cultivators were shouted down by everyone, daring to harbour demon cultivators and collaborate with them was the most disgraceful of all!

Ochre Yan’s escape was so fast that his feet were like stepping on a wheel of wind and fire!

But Kai and the Third Elder weren’t slow either, they were also flying in the wind, rising to catch up!

But it was Liu Ruyan’s strength that was a bit less, so her speed was much slower!

Soon, Liu Ruyan was left far behind!

Liu Ruyan was a bit anxious, if Kai and the others ran away and she was the only one left, Liu Ruyan was really afraid of running into other people, if she ran into other disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect and recognized them, then Liu Ruyan would be in trouble, Hu Yixiao would never let her go!

Just as Liu Ruyan was gritting her teeth and desperately trying to catch up, Kai turned back to Liu Ruyan’s side and grabbed Liu Ruyan’s hand immediately afterwards!

It seemed that Kai had thought of the danger of Liu Ruyan running alone, so he had turned back!

“Hold on to me, I’ll carry you ……”

After saying that, Kai choked the Blinding Wind Duel, and his feet flew across the grass!


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