A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2670

Kai did not pay any attention to Ochre Yan, but looked at them coldly!

By now Liu Ruyan had already run away, and Kai knew that she must have gone to ask the Third Elder!

As long as the Third Elder had arrived, then he didn’t have to worry about anything!

Ochre Yan also understood that it would be detrimental to him if they dragged on, after all, if Liu Ruyan escaped, it was likely that a large number of cultivators would be attracted to hunt them down!

“Kid, no matter what demonic arts you know, you won’t be able to escape today.”

The flames on Ochre Yan’s body rose up once again!

“Who said I was going to escape!”

Kai finished and raised his Dragon Chopping Sword violently “Blinding Wind Chop …………”

Kai suddenly shouted out loud, the sword of the Zeng Long Sword in his hand, the sword aura kept climbing, the void began to be slowly torn apart by the sword aura!

At the same time, the power of the three clans within Kai’s body rushed out like a tidal wave!

This time Kai didn’t hold back in the slightest, exploding all the power within his body, raising the power of this sword to the extreme!

The Great Dao hummed and the void trembled!

The terrifying sword aura seemed to poke a hole in the sky!

Looking at Kai’s sword like this, his brow furrowed in disbelief!

“This terrifying power is really just a Transformation Realm cultivator?”

Ochre Yan, a third ranked cultivator of the Harmonisation realm, began to continuously drum in his heart at this point!

This was because Kai’s sword was simply too shocking!

After a brief moment of disorientation, Ochre Yan reacted and his body instantly turned into a ball of flame, not following Kai hard, but quickly retreating backwards!

But as he was backing up, he noticed that the sword that was originally aimed at him had changed direction and was now heading directly towards those men!

With a shock in his heart, Ochre Yan instantly understood that Kai’s sword was not aimed at himself, but towards a few of his own men!

“Quickly dodge ……”

Yan Ochre shouted!

But by the time those few men reacted it was already too late, the radiant sword mane had already reached the eyes!

“Ah …………”

Several men erupted into a roar at the same time, and their bodies began to burn with bursts of flame, countless flames converging into a shield!

They wanted to use this to resist this strike from Kai!

The dazzling sword aura instantly struck the bodies of several of Ochre Yan’s men!

Under this terrifying sword maneuver, the flaming shields that those few of Ochre Yan’s men had burst out were as fragile as glass and shattered in an instant!

Rumble …………

With a loud bang, a huge deep crater appeared for hundreds of metres around, the whole mountain trembled, and countless trees turned into powder!

The sky was filled with smoke and dust that rose into the air and covered the sky so much that almost nothing could be seen!

Ochre Yan’s heart tightened, he knew that under such a terrifying attack, several of his men were afraid that they would be in grave danger!

As the smoke and dust slowly cleared, Amazing Ochre hurriedly looked towards the deep pit!

But when he saw the scene in the deep pit, his whole body froze again!

Because he saw that several of his men had already been turned into a pile of flesh, and it was impossible to tell who was who!

Only a few clusters of flames were left pulsating and burning.

Kai looked at those few clusters of flames and reached out with a wave of his hand, and the flames instantly reached Kai’s hand!

Looking at the flames in front of him, Kai knew that these must have been left behind after the death of Ochre Yan’s men!

It should be something like a cultivator’s golden pellet, a demonic beast’s beast pellet, or something like that.

“Give me their original heart flames ……”

Seeing that Kai had taken the clusters of flames, Ochre Yan roared at Kai!

As long as the True Life Heart Flame didn’t go out, Amazing Ochre still had a way to bring these men back to life!

“This is my loot, why should I give it to you ……”

Kai sneered, then threw the clusters of flames into his storage ring!

“If you don’t give it to me, then go to hell ……”

Ochre Yan’s eyes were wide open and his eyes were filled with rage!


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