A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2669

“Believe it or not, if you kill me today, my master will not spare you.”

Kai said!

“Humph, I tell you, even if you are a disciple of that Yin Devil, it’s useless, you must be killed today. ”

“Besides, even if that Yin Devil is not suppressed, he has no control over me ……”

Ochre Yan’s entire body cultivation exploded as he once again came towards Kai!

As a Demon Cultivator of the third rank of the Harmonization Realm, he had been injured by a Transformation Realm Cultivator like Kai, which made Ochre Yan very angry!

Seeing this, Kai leapt up with his Zeng Long Sword in his hand as well!

But this time, Kai instantly struck a talisman and a white mist began to rise from all around, and these mists were incomparably cold!

Kai wanted to use this cold mist to reduce the power of the Ochre Fire!

“Even in the midst of snow and frost, it can still burn forever!

Ochre Amazing coldly snorted.

But Kai did not say anything, in the midst of that mist, Kai’s Dragon Cutting Sword shook violently, and the Nine Shadows Sword Technique was cast out!

Soon, three identical Kai figures appeared!

Only because of the obstruction of the fog, Ochre Yan did not notice that the Kai at that moment was not one anymore!

“Miss Liu, run quickly ……”

Kai shouted at Liu Ruyan!

“Don’t let him get away ……” Ochre Yan shouted at the same time!

Several of Ochre Yan’s men rushed towards Liu Ruyan!

But just two steps out, from within that mist, two identical Kai’s unexpectedly rushed out!

This scene instantly confused several of Amazing Ochre’s men!

Even Liu Ruyan, who was running away, saw this scene and was slightly stunned, but she did not stop, but quickly ran away!

Several of Ochre Yan’s men reacted and went straight after her, but were stopped by Kai’s shadow doppelganger, and the two sides instantly tangled up in a fight!

The few men were even more shocked when they realised that two identical Kai’s, both possessing strength as well!

It was obvious that this was not an illusion, and even more so, it was not a phantom!

After all, it was impossible for a phantom to possess strength!

And at this moment, Ochre Yan, unaware of what was going on outside, snapped his palm out towards the front based on his senses!

Boom …………

Amazing Ochre slapped his palm on Kai’s head, instantly causing him to fall to the ground!

Amazing Ochre was stunned, he didn’t think he would be able to kill Kai so easily?

That was a bit unbelievable!

But looking at Kai, who had fallen to the ground, it wasn’t at all unbelievable!

But just as this had prepared to pick up Kai’s corpse, the suddenly fallen Kai’s form slowly dissipated into a white light!

“This …………”

Ochre Yan was shocked!

But just as Amazing Ochre froze, a dangerous aura came from his back and Amazing Ochre jerked back!

He found that Kai was holding up the Zeng Long Sword, and the rushing sword aura was ruthlessly cutting towards him!

The sweat on Ochre Yan’s body stood on end as he swung out two palms, while his body was retreating backwards!

Once again, Kai’s sword was blocked!

“Damn, another chance lost ……”

Kai couldn’t help but curse!

It couldn’t be helped, he had used his shadow doppelganger and also distributed the spiritual energy within himself, so the power of his sword was much weaker!

By now the fog around him had also dissipated, and when Ochre Yan saw that his men were following two identical Kai in a tussle, his whole body was confused!

But before he could react, those two Kai were also cut down by his men!

Only the two identical Kai’s bodies disappeared into a white light, just like what he had just encountered!

“What kind of demonic art did you use, kid?”

Ochre Amazing asked in astonishment!

After all, he had never seen a shadow splitter that could still fight, there were many people who knew some illusionary formations or illusionary arts, but they were all to deceive one’s eyes, a shadow splitter could not possibly have fighting power at all, but this shadow splitter of Kai was actually the same as the main body!

Apart from being slightly less powerful than the main body, there seems to be no difference ……


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