A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2668

“Kai ……”

Liu Ruyan shouted in shock when she saw this!

But there was no way for Liu Ruyan to get closer, these flames were not ordinary flames, but Demon Supreme Flames, and their power was many times stronger than ordinary flames!

Seeing Kai wrapped in flames, the corners of Ochre Yan’s mouth lifted up and smiled “Dare to follow me in a fight, today I’ll make you go up in smoke ……”

After saying that, Ochre Amazing began to shrink to the fire, the flame that was like a sea wave was shrinking a little bit!

The flame was compressed smaller and smaller, and finally directly reported Kai to tightly wrapped!

The flames were then compressed, and the temperature and capacity would increase exponentially!

The compression of the flames made the air around them start to thin out, and the crowd could only feel the heat wave pounding in their faces, making it difficult to breathe!

Even if they were dozens of metres away from the flames, they still felt this feeling, so Kai, who was at the centre of the flames, would not have become charred by now?

Slowly, the flames compressed down to a human form, as if Kai’s body was burning with flames!

Kai’s body slowly fell to the ground, allowing the flames to burn on his body, but he did not move a muscle!

“How come he hasn’t been burnt to ashes yet?”

Ochre Yan was a little surprised, not understanding how Kai hadn’t turned into ashes yet?

You know that under this compressed supreme fire, anything would turn into ashes!

Amazing Ochre took two steps forward, he wanted to see what was going on!

But just as Amazing Ochre took two steps forward, Kai, who had fallen to the ground, suddenly rose to his feet!

The flames on his body also extinguished in a flash, followed by an incomparably bright light that shot out from Kai’s Dragon Cutting Sword!

Ochre Yan was shocked, he didn’t expect Kai not only didn’t die, but he could still resist!

With a violent turn, but Yan Ochre’s shoulder was still cut by the sword’s aura!

And with this sword, Kai was not using the power of the divine dragon, but the power of the three clans, and in doing so, the aura within him was completely exposed!

One must know that the power of the three clans is far greater than the power of a particular clan!

It was just a pity that this Ochre Amazing was still too cautious, and that the sword just now had failed to kill him!

Ochre Yan looked at his injured arm and his whole body frowned!

There were still a few moments of disbelief in his eyes!

“Who the hell are you? And who is that Yin Devil to you? How is it that you have the power of the Dao pattern inside you?”

Ochre Amazing asked, staring at Kai with a deadly stare!

Kai was slightly stunned, but quickly reacted that it must be because Ochre Yan had sensed the aura of the Dao Stripe Force within him and that was why he was asking, after all, this Dao Stripe Fury Qi was the mastery of the Yin Devil!

But just now, when he used the Holy Light Fist, why didn’t this Ochre Amazing see that it was the Wind Demon’s Jedi Technique?

Could it be that in this Celestial Realm, the Yin Devil’s strength and popularity was really higher than that Wind Devil’s?

Kai pondered, but quickly said, “Yin Demon is my master, and he taught me the power of this Dao pattern.”

Kai said this in order to make Ochre Yan feel apprehensive, after all, the Yin Demon’s status should not be low in the Celestial Human Realm Demon Race!

Otherwise, the Yin Devil wouldn’t have been suppressed!

“Your master?” Ochre Yan snorted coldly, but he didn’t believe what Kai said!

“The Yin Devil was suppressed a long time ago, how could it be your master, this Dao pattern power of yours, you must have learnt it from some ancient book of records, right? Moreover, the power of the dao pattern in your body is weak, and you still dare to say that you are the disciple of the Yin Devil!”

Kai’s Daoist power had been fused into the power of the three clans, so the presence of the Daoist power alone must have been much weaker!

That was why this had caused Ochre Yan to misunderstand Kai, knowing that Kai’s Dao Stripe Power had reached its peak and could easily pull open even the Divine King’s Bow!

If Kai had the Divine King’s Bow in his hand now, he probably wouldn’t have to follow Ochre Yan in his nonsense!

He would have blown him away with a direct arrow!


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