A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2667

Soon, a ball of fire rose from the palms of these men’s hands, and then they all hurled themselves towards Kai!

Kai wielded the Dragon Chopper Sword and swung out a sword ray that struck the fireballs!

However, when the sword maneuvers hit the fireballs, they only shattered them, while the flames that were scattered in all directions still fell on Kai’s body, although they were burning violently and making a nuisance sound!

Seeing this, the corner of Ochre Yan’s mouth lifted slightly, not bothering about Kai, but heading straight for Liu Ruyan, he couldn’t let Liu Ruyan escape!

He could not let Liu Ruyan escape! He leapt with all his might, and then a roar sounded in the sky, and a sea of fire unfolded from the sky in an instant, turning the whole sky red!

The terrifying aura pounced straight at Liu Ruyan, and when the fleeing Liu Ruyan saw this, she hurriedly turned her head to look, and when she saw this catching up with her, she felt anxious inside!

She was only at the peak of the Transformation Realm, there was no way she could be a match for Ochre Yan!

“Want to run, not that easy?”

Ochre Yan roared afterwards as the tumbling flames in the sky began to sweep towards Liu Ruyan!

Seeing this, Liu Ruyan could only stop herself, and her two fists swung out a fierce surge of spiritual energy to block the burning flames!

But the spiritual energy Liu Ruyan wielded was instantly shattered under the blazing flames.

Liu Ruyan was so shocked that her body hurriedly retreated backwards.

But her palms were still stained with flames, and the intense burning sensation made Liu Ruyan’s face hideous as blood continued to flow from her hands!

“What a powerful to fire ……”

Liu Ruyan looked at her burned hands, her face was grave!

“Whether you’re the eldest lady of the Jade Tripod Sect or not, I’ll let you go up in smoke today ……”

Ochre Yan finished his sentence and once again commanded the flames that were like giant waves, coming towards Liu Ruyan!

Liu Ruyan’s eyes were filled with panic, but she was already powerless to resist, the difference in strength was too great, and resistance was futile!

“It looks like I won’t be able to take back the Jade Tripod Sect after all ……”

Liu Ruyan resigned to her fate, her eyes faintly closed!

“Don’t worry, with me here, you’ll be fine!”

At this moment, Kai’s voice rang out in Liu Ruyan’s ears!

Liu Ruyan opened her eyes and found that Kai was standing in front of her, his golden body, like a barrier, protecting her!

Facing the huge wave of flames, Kai exploded the power of the divine dragon within his body, and a golden dragon instantly took to the air!

Immediately afterwards, he hovered his body and struggled to spit out flames from his mouth as well!

The two flames instantly collided with each other and the surrounding trees were instantly turned into ashes under the flames!

The Golden Dragon hissed as flames shot out of its mouth!

A strange colour appeared in mid-air as the roar continued!

The entire mountain forest was lit up like daylight under the two flames!

“If only Yu Qi were here ……”

Kai frowned slightly, he felt that this Ochre Amazing’s Supreme Flame was very tricky!

If Su Yuqi was around, then there would be nothing to fear, Su Yuqi was a fire spirit body and was born with the ability to manipulate flames.

The scorching temperature was still rising, the entire mountain range burned with a blazing fire, while in the middle of this blazing fire, several figures were motionless!

“A mere Transformation Realm cultivator has really impressed me again and again ……”

Such eyes faintly stared, followed by the flames once again surging, desperately heading towards Kai, and soon the entire sky seemed to be covered by the ochre flames!

Kai could sense that the Golden Dragon would not be able to resist for much longer, so he said to Liu Ruyan, “Retreat quickly ……”

Liu Ruyan froze for a moment, but listened to Kai’s words and hurriedly retreated!

Just as Liu Ruyan had retreated, along with the golden dragon dissipating into a bit of golden light, Kai’s body was instantly wrapped in flames!

The sky was filled with blazing flames, completely submerging Kai.


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