A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2666

A brilliant golden light then erupted from Kai’s body, mapping the gradually darkening sky with a golden glow!

“Run …………”

Kai shouted, and then took the lead!

The Zenglong Sword in his hand instantly swung out countless sword maces, which directly enveloped the several people in front of him!

And Liu Ruyan turned and began to run after hearing Kai’s cry to run!

“Don’t let her get away, not one of them can be spared ……”

Seeing this, Ochre Yan yelled out!

If Liu Ruyan ran away, then all of them, the demons’ identities, would be exposed, and maybe if Liu Ruyan brought someone here later, they wouldn’t be able to get away!

Seeing this, one of Ochre Yan’s men instantly rushed towards Liu Ruyan!

“You’re looking for death ……”

Kai held his sword in his right hand and smashed out with his left!

“Holy Light Fist ……” The golden fist instantly lit up half of the sky like a blazing sun!

Countless fist shadows instantly blocked in front of them!

The guy who was chasing towards Liu Ruyan suddenly faced Kai’s Holy Light Fist and instinctively followed suit, slamming his fist out.

Boom …………

There was a deafening sound as the two fists clashed heavily together.

In a matter of moments, a mist of blood instantly erupted from Ochre Yan’s men’s chests and they flew backwards immediately afterwards!

The whole body exploded in mid-air, instantly turning into a cloud of blood mist!

Although the Second Elder had warned that Kai’s strength was not as weak as it appeared, Ao Yan had never expected it to be so strong!

“Copycat ……”

When Ochre Yan finished speaking, he grabbed it with his hand, and the flames burning around his body instantly transformed into a long sword, with a blazing fire rising above it as well!

Several people attacked towards Kai at the same time, while Kai used his Chopping Dragon Sword and swung it with great effort to ward off Ochre Yan’s attack!

As for Ochre Yan’s men, Kai was not afraid, after all, the invulnerable golden body on his body could not be broken so easily!

After Kai blocked Ochre Yan with his sword, several of Ochre Yan’s men had also hit Kai with the weapons in their hands!

A burst of golden light, accompanied by a clanging sound!

Kai had managed to withstand the attacks of several men without damaging his imperishable golden body!

Several people instantly froze as they looked on incredulously, knowing that they were all at the peak of the Realm of Transformation, let alone hitting a human body!

Even if they hit a mountain, they were afraid that the whole mountain would collapse!

But when several of them hit Kai at the same time, Kai was not hurt at all!

Kai’s internal organs were reeling at this moment, how could Kai be unharmed when several cultivators at the peak of the Realm of Transformation struck him at the same time!

But at this moment, Kai must not show the slightest sign of injury!

“Die …………”

The Dragon Chopping Sword in Kai’s hand swung out instantly as his opponent froze!

A sword light streaked across the sky, instantly piercing through a man’s body!

This sword directly cut one of them in half!

The other few, meanwhile, were filled with panic as they hurriedly retreated backwards!

Ochre Yan looked at Kai in shock, this just made a move and two of his own men were directly chopped to death, at this moment he finally understood why the Second Elder must have asked him to lead the team!

The scene fell into silence for a while, as Ochre Yan and the few remaining men looked at Kai in disbelief, their eyes wide open!

“This guy has armor on his body and his physical body is extremely strong, we can’t attack at close range, use to fire to burn him ……”

Ochre Yan knew that the golden imperishable golden body on Kai’s body must be some kind of divine weapon, it would be difficult for ordinary weapons to inflict damage on Kai!

So they could only use fire to burn Kai alive, and they practiced the technique of controlling fire!


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