A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2665

“This is indeed a good ability of yours, and you are now long ago an expert of the Harmony Realm, so why do you prefer to deal with me, a cultivator of the Transformation Realm?”

“Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at? What’s more, if you strike with me, even if you have laid a shielding formation, there is still the possibility of your aura leaking out!”

“If your breath leaks out, you will be unlucky when the time comes, and will be subjected to endless hunting.”

“Why don’t we talk, I can give you whatever you want, and there’s no need to make a fuss!”

Kai said to Ochre Yan!

It wasn’t that Kai was afraid of Ochre Yan, although Ochre Yan’s strength was also at the third rank of the Harmony Realm, and these men he had brought with him were all at the peak of the Harmonisation Realm!

But even if Kai couldn’t beat him, if he wanted to escape, these few men wouldn’t be able to stop him!

But now that Liu Ruyan was there, Kai had to consider Liu Ruyan’s safety before he could do so!

If a fight really broke out, Kai was afraid that it would be difficult for him to take care of Liu Ruyan!

“Yes, whatever you want, just ask, our Jade Tripod Sect will definitely satisfy you!”

“But if you dare to make a move, my Jade Tripod Sect will not spare you.”

Liu Ruyan stood out from Kai’s back and said in a stern voice!

She hoped that with the Jade Tripod Sect’s fame, she could scare the other party off!

“What kind of person are you? Can you represent the Jade Tripod Sect?”

Ochre Yan asked as he looked at Liu Ruyan!

After all, Ochre Yan had never heard of a woman being the leader of the Jade Tripod Sect!

Even more so, he had never heard that Hu Yixiao had a daughter!

“I am the daughter of the former Patriarch, so you can now say what you want, can’t you?”

“As long as it’s not too much, I can satisfy you.”

Liu Ruyan said.

When Ochre Yan heard this, he was slightly stunned and then said “Shouldn’t you have been poisoned to death a long time ago? I didn’t expect to still be alive.”

Ochre Yan had heard the Second Elder mention the Jade Tripod Sect, the Second Elder also knew about the nasty things Hu Yixiao had done, the reason why the Second Elder didn’t say anything was that he wanted to finally take the position of Patriarch from Hu Yixiao’s hands!

The second elder was also able to clean up the sect in the name of Hu Yixiao’s poisoning of the old patriarch, so that the second elder would have a name for himself.

“How do you know about my Jade Tripod Sect?” Liu Ruyan was astonished, knowing that very few people knew about her poisoning.

Yet, she didn’t expect this devil clan in front of her to know about it!

“Don’t ask so many questions, I won’t say anything, all I want is the life of this fellow Kai, so just leave your life behind.”

With these words, suddenly a palm rushed heavenly flames towards Kai!

Kai also swiftly slapped out a palm, followed by pulling Liu Ruyan on, and kept retreating backwards!

“I’ll hold them off later, you find a chance to escape.”

Kai whispered in Liu Ruyan’s ear!

“I’m not leaving, how can you be a match for them on your own, if you’re going to die then let’s die together, I’ve died once anyway.”

Liu Ruyan knew that Kai alone could not possibly be a match against these few people in front of him!

“I’ll let you escape, you can go and get help ah, go and get the Third Elder, I’ll be fine, although I may not be able to defeat these guys, but it won’t be that easy for them to kill me.”

Kai followed Liu Ruyan and explained!

“Then you must hold on, I’ll go and call for the Third Elder, once the Third Elder comes, there’s no need to fear them.”

Liu Ruyan understood what Kai meant, so she nodded her head and said!

“Kid, no wonder someone had to kill you, I didn’t expect you, a Transformation Realm cultivator, to be able to easily take my slap.”

Ochre Yan was filled with amazement, and then led his men to slowly surround him!

Seeing this, Kai grabbed his right hand and the Dragon Chopping Sword appeared, followed by the activation of his Incorruptible Golden Body, his body covered in golden scales!


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