A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2664

“You are right, you and I will form a partnership and I will not only get the Jade Tripod Sect, but also you ……”

“But for me to stay in the Jade Tripod Sect all the time, that’s impossible, I have my own things to do!”

“The clan power under me is much higher than your Jade Tripod Clan, and I have many confidants around me, I can’t give up the whole forest for a single tree ……”

Kai said with a calm face!

Hearing Kai’s words, Liu Ruyan’s expression drifted for a moment, and a pang of loss washed over her face!

She didn’t expect Kai to reply to her like this!

Kai’s words made Liu Ruyan a little embarrassed, but from the side, it also proved that Kai was not an ordinary person!

The clan power in Kai’s hand was much higher than that of the Jade Tripod Sect, so Kai must be the son of some magnificent clan!

In this way, Kai could not care less about the resources and power of the Jade Tripod Sect!

“Excuse me ……”

Liu Ruyan apologized awkwardly, then walked forward quickly!

“Although I didn’t promise you, but it’s fine to help you take back the Jade Tripod Sect, after all, I am now considered a nominal disciple of the Jade Tripod Sect!”

Kai said in order to ease his embarrassment.

“Really?” Liu Ruyan froze, and then looked at Kai with a smile on her face “Then thank you ……”

“It’s getting late, we’d better go back, or else Third Elder will be thinking nonsense again.”

Kai said!

Liu Ruyan nodded and followed Kai backwards!

But just as the two of them had taken two steps, several black shadows suddenly blocked their path!

Kai frowned and instantly protected Liu Ruyan behind him, this was Kai’s instinctive reaction, but Liu Ruyan looked at Kai’s broad back and a sense of security was born!

“Who are you people?”

Kai asked as he stared at the few people in front of him!

“You are Kai?” At that moment, a guy with flames burning all over his body stepped forward and asked at Kai!

This fellow was Ochre Amazing, the one the Second Elder had found to kill Kai!

“Not bad!” Kai nodded his head!

Feeling the aura from these people in front of him, Kai sensed at first that these people were Demons!

And this fellow who was covered in burning flames seemed to follow the aura from that Ning Zhi with a few similarities.

Kai did not understand, weren’t these demons already rats in the Celestial Realm, and everyone was shouting at them?

How could they still dare to openly show themselves!

“Since that’s right, it’s you who’s looking for ……”

Ochre Yan said, and with a flick of his palm, a blazing flame hovered above his hand!

“Wait, there’s always something to be said before you can say it clearly, right?”

“What do you want from me? We don’t seem to know each other, and as demons, you still dare to show yourselves openly, aren’t you afraid of being discovered?”

Kai asked in a very puzzled manner!

“Don’t you care so much, someone asked me to kill you anyway, you will be dead soon anyway, so what can we do if we are found out?”

Ochre Amazing smiled coldly and casually squeezed his hand, crushing the flame in his hand instantly!

Boom …………

The flames instantly exploded, and the scattered aura directly enveloped hundreds of meters in all directions!

Obviously, this was a kind of shielding formation laid by Ochre Yan, in order not to let his aura leak out in a while, or else someone would sense the demon’s aura and flock to him!

And Kai’s brow furrowed deeply once again after he felt this scent!

“You’re an Inferno Demon Body?”

Kai asked strangely!

It was because the flame aura on this person’s body was too similar to follow Ning Zhi’s Inferno Demon Body!

After hearing Kai’s words, Ochre Yan was clearly stunned “You actually know about the Inferno Demon Body?”

“But I don’t have that kind of one in a million physique, what I cultivate here is just demon-possessed flames, then something is in front of me, I can turn him into ashes.”

Ochre Amazing spoke of his abilities with a clear air of condescension!


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