A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2661

Then he walked out of the room and towards the Jade Clan warehouse!

The disciples guarding the warehouse were all from the Second Elder’s lineage, so after seeing the Second Elder, they didn’t even stop them!

The Second Elder walked into the warehouse and then opened a secret room in the corner of the warehouse!

Inside the secret room were many high grade pills and various medicinal herbal resources!

Without the slightest hesitation, the Second Elder used a cloth bag to fill it with many pills and herbs, then pulled out a talisman and gently placed it on the ground!

Biting his finger, a drop of the Second Elder’s blood dripped down onto the talisman, and soon a spell formation carved on top of the talisman began to flicker with light as the Second Elder walked into the formation, his body slowly disappearing!

When the Second Elder appeared, he was in a dark place, surrounded by black mist flowing continuously, and in front of him, a man whose whole body seemed to be burning with fire was looking at him quietly!

“Is the time ripe?”

The man spoke slowly, addressing the Second Elder!

The second elder shook his head “The time is not ripe, but I’m going to activate you early, I’m going to ask you to help me kill people now ……”

“Kill someone?” The man was slightly stunned, and then said with some surprise “Kill what kind of people?”

“Ochre Amazing, I saved your life and raised you for so many years, so that you can follow my orders, not so that you can question me.”

“You do what I tell you to do, you do what I tell you to do, there is no need to ask why!”

The Second Elder said with a cold look on his face!

Ochre Yan didn’t say anything, the flames on his body became even more intense, one could tell he was very unconvinced, but he didn’t explode!

Seeing the performance of Ochre Yan, the Second Elder was satisfied and threw out the pills and herbs he had brought in his hand!

“Here are our Jade Tripod Sect’s top quality pills and herbs, I won’t let you work for nothing.”

“When I become the Jade Tripod Clan’s Patriarch, you won’t have to hide like this, your demon clan are now overgrown rats, if it wasn’t for me back then, you and your men would have died horribly!”

The Second Elder was gracious, he had risked his life back then to save Ochre Yan, in order to one day help himself to take the position of Patriarch!

Don’t look at the Second Elder, he felt uneducated in the Jade Tripod Sect, and his alchemy skills were even worse, he was just confusing Hu Yixiao by doing this!

The Second Elder’s ambition was no less than Hu Yixiao’s!

“I understand, I’ll send someone there, just leave the information if you want to kill anyone!”

Ochre Yan opened his mouth and said!

“No, you have to take someone there yourself, this guy is very strong, you can’t be careless!”

“If this guy doesn’t die, it will definitely be a change if I want to become the Patriarch!”

The Second Elder said!

Seeing this, Ochre Yan could only nod his head and said “Okay, I will personally lead the attack ……”

After leaving Kai’s information, the Second Elder’s body instantly disappeared and returned to the warehouse!

“Kai, you wait for me, I will let you experience what happens when you offend me!”

The Second Elder’s eyes were filled with ruthlessness as he walked out from within the warehouse!


Inside the secret cave!

The Third Elder and Kai had found Liu Ruyan once again, in order to discuss how to get Liu Ruyan to mix in the Pill Pond when it opened in a few days.

This time, when Liu Ruyan saw Kai, her attitude was obviously much better and she was even a little embarrassed!

After all, Kai had saved her, but she had misunderstood Kai and had struck out at him, which made Liu Ruyan feel very sorry for herself!

“Kai, for what happened two days ago, I apologize to you, I have checked and you really didn’t touch me.”

Liu Ruyan straightened up and apologised after Kai!

“It’s good that you have checked yourself, otherwise my innocence in this life would be ruined ……”

Kai said pretending to be in pain!

The first time I heard this, my eyebrows were raised and I said, “You bastard, did sleeping with me make you feel so bad? Maybe I’m not as good as those women you have, but I’m not that bad, right?”


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