A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2660

“Three Elders to …………”

At this moment, a disciple shouted outside the door.

Only to see the Third Elder leading Kai, striding into the Great Hall!

When Kai and Hu Yixiao locked eyes, Hu Yixiao’s face couldn’t have been more ugly!

As soon as he saw Kai, he thought of the scene where he had knelt down to Kai in Demon Emperor City!

But at this time, Hu Yixiao couldn’t just have a fit, after all, he couldn’t tell the truth about his kneeling to Kai, then where would be his prestige as the Patriarch!

“Senior brother ……”

The Third Elder gave a salute towards Hu Yixiao!

“Third senior brother, I heard that you’ve taken in a new disciple, he’s very strong ah, not to mention demolishing the numerous houses within the clan, he even killed that Kuang Soaring, it seems that the disciples in your lineage have made a mark.”

“Taking advantage of my absence to make a scene in the Jade Tripod Sect, this is not taking me as the sect master into consideration, but since I am back, I cannot ignore this matter.”

“Tell me yourself, the rules of our Jade Tripod Sect, a disciple commits a crime below and makes a big disturbance to the clan clan punishment?”

As soon as Hu Yixiao came up, he gave the Third Elder a downward spiral!

However, the Third Elder did not panic in the slightest and said indifferently “Senior Brother doesn’t know, it was that Kuang Biao who first demolished my residence and injured my disciple, that’s why Kai couldn’t stand it and came to the door!”

“As for killing that Kuang Biao, that was in the ring, the two were fighting in a life and death ring, so even if he killed him, it wouldn’t be too much, right?”

“Besides, that Kuang Biao released the ultimate demonic beast within the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler, nearly destroying the entire Jade Tripod Sect and alerting the Supreme Elders.”

Just as the Third Elder finished his words, Hu Yixiao’s body trembled and he jerked up, his face full of surprise as he said “What? The Supreme Elders were all alerted?”

“That’s right, the Supreme Elder even gave an order for you to go to the back mountain and kneel down for three days after you return.”

The Third Elder nodded and said!

As soon as the Third Elder said that, Hu Yixiao’s face changed in passing, and his entire body almost stumbled and fell to the ground!

“Second Senior Brother, is what Third Senior Brother said true?” Hu Yixiao asked as he looked at the Second Elder with a face full of anger!

“This …… this …… is indeed what the Elder Tai Shang said!”

The second elder stammered is said!

As soon as he heard the second elder say so, Hu Yixiao almost didn’t get angry and raised his hand to slap the second elder!

“Are you going to f*cking kill me? Since the Supreme Elder was alerted, how could you not tell me?”

“I’ll settle the score with you after I’ve had a chance to think about it ……”

After Hu Yixiao finished speaking, he ran towards the back of the mountain without stopping his hoof.

At this moment, where was he in the mood to care about Kai, saving his life was important!

Seeing that the Second Elder had been slapped, the Third Elder and Kai all showed a teasing look!

At this moment, the Second Elder couldn’t say how angry he was.

“Second Elder, that slap from Eldest Brother just now was not light, hurry up and go back and put some medicine on it, or else your face will swell up like this and make the disciples see the joke!”

The Third Elder said teasingly!

The second elder gritted his teeth and said in a cold voice “Don’t be complacent, wait for me, don’t think that Hu Yixiao doesn’t dare to touch you, and I don’t dare to ……”

After saying that, the second elder turned around and left in a huff!

The second elder smashed everything that he could in his room when he returned to his residence!

He had thought that when Hu Yixiao returned, he would definitely punish the Third Elder, after all, Hu Yixiao had long been displeased with the Third Elder!

This time, he had the opportunity to take care of the Third Elder, but once he heard that the Supreme Elder had been disturbed, Hu Yixiao was like a mouse that had seen a cat and went straight to think about it, not caring anymore.

“I will never give up so easily, absolutely not …………”

The Second Elder hissed loudly.

Slowly, the Second Elder calmed down and regained his senses!


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