A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2659

The inner hall of the Jade Tripod Sect!

The Second Elder had already arrived, while facing Hu Yixiao’s furious questioning, the Second Elder was full of aggravation!

“Senior brother, you have to do something for me, a lot of things have happened in the Jade Tripod Sect during your absence!”

“The reason why the Jade Tripod Sect has turned into this state is because of Third Senior Brother’s newly accepted disciple!”

“My eldest disciple, Kuang Biao, was also killed, and if you don’t come back, the entire Jade Tripod Sect will be in the hands of Third Senior Brother.”

The Second Elder pre-empted the Third Elder and took the Third Elder to task!


Hu Yixiao’s eyes snapped open “What kind of disciple has Third Senior Brother taken in? How dare he have the guts to destroy the house at the inner gate and kill Kuang Biao? How dare you?”

“Besides, that Kuang Biao’s current strength should have reached the peak of the Realm of Transformation, with Third Senior Brother’s ability, how could his disciple have killed Kuang Biao?”

Hu Yixiao couldn’t believe it, after all, Kuang Biao’s strength was one of the best among the many disciples, I’m afraid even Nie Heng didn’t have the ability to kill Kuang Biao!

“Senior brother, this disciple that third senior brother has taken in is very evil, he is obviously only at the realm of the Transformation realm, yet the strength he displays doesn’t seem to be weaker than you and I at all!”

“Moreover, this fellow has quite a few divine weapons on him, he looks very much like a grandson of some magnificent family, but I can’t figure out why this fellow came to the Jade Tripod Sect and why he worships Third Senior Brother as his master!”

The Second Elder said with added vinegar!

He knew that Hu Yixiao loved treasures, that’s why he said that Kai had a lot of divine weapons on him, so that it would inspire Hu Yixiao’s greed!

“Don’t you know this man’s identity? What’s his name?”

Hu Yixiao also had an interest in the Third Elder’s new disciple at this point!

“This guy’s name is Kai, and it seems like Nie Heng knows him quite well, so he should know his details!”

The Second Elder said!

“Kai?” Hu Yixiao jerked up, his expression becoming full of surprise, and then looked at Nie Heng and said “Nie Heng, do you think, this Kai is …………”

“Master, this Kai is the very person you asked me and Senior Brother Wu to catch.” Nie Heng whispered!

At this moment, Nie Heng’s heart was beating wildly and he was so nervous!

When Hu Yixiao heard this, killing intent erupted from his eyes and he looked at Nie Heng coldly, “Explain to me properly, what is going on here?”

“Master, I know I’m wrong!”

Nie Heng suddenly fell to his knees and said, “I brought this Kai to the Jade Tripod Sect because he said he had something to present to Master and wanted to worship you as his master!”

“It’s just that when I arrived, Master wasn’t in the sect, so I let Third Senior Uncle get ahead of me.”

Nie Heng could only explain in a half-truth, hoping to convince Hu Yixiao!

“Offer me something? Offer to what?” Hu Yixiao asked!

“It seems to be some kind of divine Nong Cauldron, I heard that it is a divine Cauldron for pill refining, he seems to have used this divine Nong Cauldron in Third Master’s residence!”

Nie Heng said!

“Shennong Cauldron?” As soon as the Second Elder heard the name, his eyes widened in shock!

Hu Yixiao, on the other hand, wasn’t surprised, for he had sent Nie Heng and Wu Feiyu to capture Kai just for the divine Nong Cauldron!

“In that case, that colourful Dan cloud over Third Senior Brother’s quarters some time ago must have been emitted by the Divine Nong Cauldron refining pills.”

“I thought it was because Third Senior Brother’s alchemy had improved again!”

The Second Elder then recalled the Dan clouds that rose above Third Elder’s quarters when Kai first arrived!

“It seems that Third Senior Brother must have seen this divine Nong Ding and accepted this Kai as his disciple.”

Hu Yixiao’s eyes faintly stared and said, “Why isn’t your Third Senior Brother coming yet?”

“I’ve already informed, Third Senior Uncle said he’ll be here soon!” Nie Heng said!

Hu Yixiao nodded, then quietly waited for the Third Elder to arrive, he had to find a way to get his hands on the Divine Nong Cauldron, if Kai took the initiative to offer it up, he could forgive Kai for what he had done!


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