A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2658

Two days later!

Hu Yixiao returned to the Jade Tripod Sect, but when he looked at the wrecked Jade Tripod Sect premises, his whole body almost didn’t die of anger!

“What’s going on? What the hell is going on? Who will explain it to me?”

Hu Yixiao stood at the entrance of the inner gate of the Jade Tripod Sect and questioned loudly!

Many of the disciples all lowered their heads, none of them daring to speak, even Nie Heng had a nervous look on his face!

Now that Hu Yixiao had returned, he wouldn’t know how to explain the matter of Kai then!

“Nie Heng, tell me, what the hell is going on here?”

Hu Yixiao asked to Nie Heng!

“Master, this …… is a fight between the disciples of Third Uncle’s lineage and Second Uncle’s lineage, and that’s why it caused this.”

Nie Heng said truthfully!

“What?” When Hu Yixiao heard this, he became even more angry and said “This is simply audacious, the rules of the Jade Tripod Sect do not allow the disciples of the sect to fight internally, and even more so, they are not allowed to fight at the inner gate, now not only did they fight, but they also destroyed so many houses, it seems that it is not possible to teach them a lesson.”

“You go and get your third and second senior uncles at once, if they don’t have a say in this matter, neither one of them will be able to get away with it!”

Hu Yixiao was furious, after all he was now the sect master, if no one kept the rules of the Jade Tripod Sect, it would be a slap in his face, he would never allow such a thing to happen!

No matter who it was, as long as they dared to threaten his authority, Hu Yixiao would never be soft, and it was this kind of iron-handedness that made Hu Yixiao’s prestige in the Jade Tripod Sect very high!

Nie Heng nodded, then hurriedly ran towards the Third Elder’s quarters, he had to tell Kai about Hu Yixiao’s return, so that Kai would be prepared!

After all, Kai still had conflicts with Hu Yixiao, and if Hu Yixiao insisted on making a move against Kai, he was afraid that he would be in trouble!

“Eldest Brother, why have you come over?”

After seeing Nie Heng, Fang Shu hurriedly asked!

During this time, Nie Heng had been very kind to the disciples of the Third Elder’s lineage, so Fang Shu and the others no longer resisted Nie Heng!

“Is Mr. Chen here? I have an important matter for him!”

Nie Heng asked!

“Yes, Mr. Chen is following his master inside the room discussing the art of medicine!”

Fang Shu said!

Nie Heng didn’t say anything else, but quickly rushed inside!

“Mr. Chen, it’s not good, my master is back ……”

Nie Heng said nervously when he saw Kaizhi!

“Nie Heng, what’s wrong with senior brother coming back? Why are you so alarmed?”

“Besides, what does it matter if your master returns and follows Chen?”

The Third Elder didn’t know about Kai’s conflict following Hu Yixiao, so he asked in disbelief.

“Third Elder, I have some conflicts following that Hu Yixiao, Nie Heng is afraid that that Hu Yixiao will make a move on me.”

Kai gave a brief account of the conflict he had following Hu Yixiao!

As soon as Third Elder heard this, he laughed and said “What kind of thing is this, now that you are nominally my disciple, you are also considered a disciple of the Jade Tripod Sect, for this conflict, it is impossible for Senior Brother to make a move against you!”

“If he dares to make a move, I will not agree, I believe this face, he still gives me the ……”

Once Kai heard the words of the Third Elder, his heart relaxed slightly, he also didn’t want to follow Hu Yixiao and fall out at this time, that would affect the opening of the Pill Pond!

Besides, they would deal with Hu Yixiao sooner or later, now that Liu Ruyan had woken up, sooner or later they would have to expose Hu Yixiao’s crimes!

“Third Senior Uncle, Master has asked me to call you over ……”

Nie Heng said to the Third Elder!

“Okay, I’m on my way ……”

The Third Elder nodded his head!

“Mr. Chen, you take extra care!”

Nie Heng reminded Kai before turning around and leaving!

“Third Elder, I’ll go with you, what should be faced, it seems, will be faced sooner or later.”

Kai decided to follow Third Elder and go with him to meet Hu Yixiao.


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