A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2657

When Liu Ruyan heard this, she was really angry and was about to make a move against Kai, but was hurriedly stopped by the Third Elder!

“Eldest Miss, Mr. Chen is by no means that kind of person, he is just angry with you, I believe he came here and never meant to touch you.”

“I can tell that Mr. Chen has seen many women, although Missy has an okay body and outstanding looks, but Mr. Chen probably won’t look at it.”

The Third Elder hurriedly said!

“Third Elder is really powerful, you can even see this?”

Kai couldn’t help but be amazed, how did this Third Elder know that he had read countless women?

“Mr. Chen, the first time I brought you here, you helped Missy with her treatment, your eyes were clear and there was not a single evil thought.”

“So when you told me that you hadn’t touched our Eldest Miss at all, I believed you too.”

The Third Elder explained!

As soon as Liu Ruyan heard the Third Elder’s words, she couldn’t help but feel a surprising climb in her heart!

“Kai, let me ask you, are you not touching me because I don’t look as good as those women you’ve touched?”

Liu Ruyan wanted to know exactly why Kai didn’t touch herself!

“With your figure and looks, among the many women I’ve had, you can only be considered moderately inferior, right?”

Kai said as he fervently sized up Liu Ruyan!

When Liu Ruyan heard Kai’s words, she became angry, “How many women do you have? Although I am not a woman of great beauty, I have absolute confidence in my figure and looks.”

“Where are those women of yours? I’d like to see how much better they are than me ……”

Women, when it comes to their figures and looks, all have an extremely high desire to compare themselves, and Liu Ruyan is no exception!

“Exactly how many women I have, I can’t count them myself, but I can’t find them for you right now.”

“But I have a portrait here, take a look at it and you will know how many women are different from mine ……”

Kai said, and with a flick of his palm, a trembling in the void, followed by a portrait appeared!

The painting on it was none other than Ji Ruxue, dressed in white, with long hair draped over her shoulders and delicate features like a fairy!

Especially the aura on Ji Ru Xue’s body, not just any woman could have that!

Looking at Ji Ru Xue’s portrait, Liu Ruyan was dumbfounded, she had never thought that there was such a beautiful and elegant woman in the world!

“Mr. Chen, is this really your woman? It’s like a fairy from heaven ……”

The third elder was so old that when he saw Ji Ruxue’s portrait, his eyes lit up!

“Of course, this is only one of my many women, all my other women are also all beautiful, now you know why I feel nothing when I see other women, right?”

Kai looked like he was showing off, but as he spoke, he looked at Liu Ruyan!

He was deliberately saying that to Liu Ruyan, deliberately stimulating Liu Ruyan!

Liu Ruyan didn’t say anything else, if the painting was really Kai’s woman, then it made sense for Kai to see that he was uninterested.

“Eldest Miss, you will live here for now, in a few days the Pill Pond is going to open, I will find a way for you to mix into it and use the energy of the Pill Pond to allow you to break through to the Harmony Realm, then we will find a way to bring down Hu Yixiao.”

The Third Elder said to Liu Ruyan!

Liu Ruyan nodded, this was all she could do now, if she went out rashly now, she would only die for nothing!

Kai and the Third Elder left, and peace returned to the cave!

Liu Ruyan recalled what Kai had just said and her face instantly turned red again!

Sitting on the bed, Liu Ruyan slowly put her hand down, she wanted to check for herself to see if what Kai had said was the truth or not!

When Liu Ruyan touched the barrier, she instantly let out a long breath ……


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