A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2656

“Third Elder, please explain quickly, I really can’t even wash my hands in the yellow river, your First Lady has to say that I have defiled her and wants me to return her innocence!”

Kai saw the Third Elder coming, so he let go of Liu Ruyan and said to the Third Elder!

The Third Elder also understood and hurriedly explained, “Miss, Mr. Chen was hired by me to help you heal, you have been in a coma for many years, I have used all kinds of methods but have not been able to wake you up, you are now able to wake up thanks to Mr. Chen.”

“Mr. Chen?” Liu Ruyan was stunned “Isn’t he your disciple?”

“Eldest Miss, you don’t know, Mr. Chen entered the Jade Tripod Sect and entered under my discipline just for the Medicine Pond ……”

Then, the Third Elder told Liu Ruyan carefully about the changes in the Jade Tripod Sect over the past few years!

Liu Ruyan, on the other hand, became more and more furious the more she listened, when she heard that Hu Yixiao had used the Jade Tripod Sect’s medical skills to amass a lot of money, and had also collected a lot of cultivation materials, Liu Ruyan was about to die of anger!

She knew that her father’s aim in founding the Jade Tripod Sect was to save the dead and help the injured, to heal the sick and treat people, and never valued such things as money and resources!

But now Hu Yixiao had completely abandoned the purpose of the Jade Tripod Sect and turned it into a profit-oriented sect!

Thinking of her father who had been poisoned, Liu Ruyan’s eyes became moist!

“This Hu Yixiao, I must settle the score with him, I want to take back the Jade Tripod Sect ……”

Liu Ruyan gritted her teeth, filled with anger!

“Eldest Miss, now that you have woken up, you can completely expose Hu Yixiao’s crime, but now Hu Yixiao has a high prestige in the Jade Tripod Sect, and most of them are his disciples!”

“And that Second Elder is also following Hu Yixiao in the same trousers, if you rashly go out now, I’m afraid there’s no way to bring down Hu Yixiao, and I’m afraid you’ll even have to get involved in it!”

“Right now Hu Yixiao doesn’t know you’re alive yet, so we can bide our time ……”

The third elder persuaded at Liu Ruyan!

“Timing? When is the time, now that a few years have passed, if we wait any longer, Hu Yixiao’s roots in the Jade Tripod Sect will be even deeper.”

Liu Ruyan frowned and said indignantly!

“With your current strength, even after you go out, you are not even a match for that Hu Yixiao, I am afraid that he will kill you with one hand, what will you do to take back the Jade Tripod Sect.”

“Seeing that you are civilized and weak, how come your temper is still quite explosive ……”

At this moment, Kai said to Liu Ruyan!

When Liu Ruyan heard this, she was already very angry in her heart, plus Kai’s sarcasm, she immediately yelled at Kai “You haven’t settled the score with you yet, but you are talking about me first ……”

“What are you looking for me to settle? I just explained everything to you, didn’t I?”

Kai asked, puzzled!

“Although you didn’t touch me, but you personally undressed me, my body was seen by you, shouldn’t I settle the score with you?”

“Isn’t there any other way to cure the disease than stripping naked? I see that you are just looking at my body on purpose in order to take advantage of me.”

“The reason you didn’t dare to touch me was entirely because there was the Third Elder guarding outside, so you didn’t dare to lay a hand on me!”

“Otherwise what would you be doing sneaking here on your own this time? Didn’t you just want to touch me? If I hadn’t woken up, maybe you would have had your hands on me by now!”

Liu Ruyan gave Kai an output that directly rendered him speechless!

Kai had only come here secretly this time for Liu Ruyan’s medical treatment, where was he to play with her!

But even if Kai explained, who could believe him?

“Yes, I’m here to play with you, I cured you, what can I do for playing twice? This is my payment ……”

“Otherwise, with your fine skin and good figure, wouldn’t it be a waste!”

Kai knew that no one would believe his explanation, so he simply did not explain, just to be angry with that Liu Ruyan!


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