A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2654

“When Big Brother returns, I’ll make you look good ……”

The Second Elder’s eyes were filled with a ruthless look!

And after receiving the message from the Second Elder, Hu Yixiao also changed his plans, followed King Li to say goodbye and started to return to the Jade Tripod Sect!

At this moment, within that secret cave!

Liu Ruyan slowly opened her eyes, after Kai’s treatment, although the toxins in Liu Ruyan’s body had not been completely eliminated, Liu Ruyan was still slowly waking up!

“Where am I?” Liu Ruyan frowned slightly as she slowly got up!

But when Liu Ruyan got up, the quilt on her body slipped off and her naked body was exposed!

“Ah …………”

Liu Ruyan shrieked and hurriedly covered her important parts!

But after realizing that there was no one here at all, Liu Ruyan was relieved and hurriedly put her clothes back on!

Liu Ruyan tried hard to remember what happened before the meeting when she was unconscious!

All she could remember was that before she passed out, she had found the Third Elder who had taken her into the secret cave!

She then passed out, and as to how long she was unconscious, Liu Ruyan didn’t know!

“Why am I not wearing any clothes?” Liu Ruyan was full of doubts, knowing that she was wearing clothes when she was unconscious.

“Could it be the Third Elder he …………”

“Impossible, Third Elder would never do that kind of thing to me.”

“What the hell is going on here? Could it be that I’ve been …………”

Liu Ruyan couldn’t think of anything, and even less about Kai curing himself!

Seeing that she couldn’t think of anything, Liu Ruyan wanted to go out and take a look, but found that no matter what, she couldn’t open the door of this secret cave!

Liu Ruyan had no choice but to sit back down on the bed and wait quietly to see if anyone would come!

If someone came, and it wasn’t the Third Elder, then the other party must have done it if she was naked!

She had taken advantage of her unconsciousness to do something untoward to herself. Liu Ruyan had secretly decided that as long as the other party was not the Third Elder, then she would kill the other party without hesitation!

And at this moment, Kai, while cultivating, snapped open his eyes, looked at the full moon outside, and slowly walked out of the room!

Looking at the mountain peak not far away, Kai unconsciously walked towards it!

The secret cave was on top of this mountain peak, and Kai himself could not tell why he wanted to walk here!

Maybe it was because Kai also wanted to see how Liu Ruyan was doing!

When he arrived at the secret cave, Kai reached out to open the entrance, but hesitated for a moment!

After all, Liu Ruyan was still naked, and if Kai came alone in the middle of the night, if the Third Elder found out, it would be a bit hard to tell!

But after a moment’s hesitation, Kai opened the entrance to the secret cave!

With a creaking sound, the cave opened!

And after hearing the sound, Liu Ruyan quickly lay down on the bed, covered with the quilt, and pretended not to be awake!

Kai walked into the cave and then had walked into Liu Ruyan’s room and saw that Liu Ruyan was still lying motionless on the bed!

Kai walked over and reached out his hand to check Liu Ruyan’s pulse and then helped Liu Ruyan cover up the quilt.

But just as Kai reached out his hand towards Liu Ruyan, suddenly Liu Ruyan opened her eyes and found that it was not the Third Elder in front of her, but a strange man, and suddenly she became furious and slapped out at Kai with one palm!

Kai did not expect Liu Ruyan to wake up suddenly and was taken aback, then a strong wind came straight at him!

Kai instinctively stepped back and dodged Liu Ruyan’s palm!

Liu Ruyan jumped up from the bed and attacked Kai again without a second thought!

Liu Ruyan was very fast, and with her strength at the peak of the Transformation Realm, each slap created a fierce wind!


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