A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2653

“Wouldn’t you three suffer too much living in this broken cave? Our family has a thousand acres of mansions, take your pick, and I have practiced the Solid Yang Divine Power, I guarantee to make you three want to die of desire.”

“You’d better come out, or I’ll get angry and I’ll have my men rush in, then you three won’t be facing me alone, I’ll make all my dozen men happy ……”

“Hahahaha …………”

The cave outside a burst of laughter, while Su Yuqi and the three of them had already been angry at the moment, their faces were red!

“I’ll fight with them ……”

Yu Jia Meng was red-faced and was about to rush out with her long sword in hand.

Knowing that Yu Jiameng was also a grand lady of a luxurious family, where had she ever been so humiliated, not to mention that she was still a yellow girl, her body trembled with anger as she listened to the filthy words coming out of Gao Qisheng’s mouth!

“Don’t rush out, he’s just deliberately provoking us!”

“There are other caves leading out of this cave, let’s just leave quietly.”

“When we find the master, I’m sure he will take care of this guy properly ……”

Fire Phoenix stopped Yu Jia Meng and said!

Fire Phoenix was right, if Kai knew that someone dared to molest his woman, he would definitely incite the other party.

Su Yuqi and the three of them, mounted on the fierce tiger, quietly left through the other cave entrance.

By the time Gao Qisheng rushed in with his men, he found that apart from a campfire, there was no one left long ago!

“Damn, they’ve run away again, give me chase ……”

Gao Qisheng led his men in swift pursuit!

At this moment, Kai was still not even aware of the danger Su Yuqi and the few of them had encountered, cultivating every day at the Third Elder’s residence and quietly waiting for the time to open the Pill Pond to arrive!

Although a few days had passed, the battle between Kai and Kuang Biao was still the topic of conversation among all the Jade Tripod Sect disciples.

The disciples of the Third Elder’s lineage had also seen their status rise considerably as a result of the fight. In the past, even the outer disciples looked down on the disciples of the Third Elder’s lineage, but now they had become polite!

But the status of the disciples of the Second Elder’s lineage had plummeted, and with Nie Heng’s failure to sell to the Second Elder, the status of the disciples of the Second Elder’s lineage was even lower!

The Second Elder was behind closed doors for the past few days, and he had no face to see anyone anymore, his eldest disciple had been killed, and the status of his lineage’s disciples in the Jade Tripod Sect had dropped to a freezing point.

“I must not just give up like this, I absolutely cannot ……”

The Second Elder hissed from his mansion and casually crushed a voice transmission jade slip!

He had to get Hu Yixiao to come back as soon as possible, now that Nie Heng was following the Third Elder very closely, if Hu Yixiao didn’t come back, this Jade Tripod Sect might be decided by the Third Elder in the future!

“Second Senior Brother, is there something wrong?”

After the sound transmission jade slip was crushed, Hu Yixiao’s voice came through!

“Senior brother, when are you coming back? Quite a lot of things have happened in the Jade Tripod Sect during the time you were gone.”

The Second Elder said.

“I plan to go back in a few days when the Pill Pond opens, I’ve had a good relationship with King Li during this time, from now on our Jade Tripod Sect will follow Ming Li King City to reach a strategic cooperation!”

Hu Yixiao said with some excitement!

“Senior brother, don’t wait for the Pill Pond to open before returning, you’d better come back quickly, or else the position of Jade Tripod Sect leader will be snatched away by others.”

The Second Elder said fervently!

When Hu Yixiao heard this, he was stunned and said, “What’s going on?”

“Senior brother, let’s wait until you come back, one or two sentences won’t make it clear.”

After Second Elder finished speaking, the call between the two men was broken!

You know that this sound transmission jade slip, which also cost money, was written by an array master, and the longer the call, the higher the price!


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