A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2652

The Arctic Mountains of the Celestial Realm!

Three girls are in a cave, barbecuing a hare over a fire, the smell of the meat wafting throughout the cave!

And beside the three girls, three fierce tigers were lying on their backs, which looked like the mounts of these three girls!

These three girls were none other than Su Yuqi, Fire Phoenix and Yu Jiameng, who had been sucked into the Celestial Realm by the black hole after Kai!

After being sucked into the Celestial Realm, the three did not follow Kai and fall to a place!

At this moment, they were thousands of kilometres away from where Kai was!

“Fire Phoenix, thanks to you, during this time in the Celestial Realm, there was food and drink, and a mount ……”

Su Yuqi said gratefully to the fire phoenix!

Over this period of time, the three girls had long since become very familiar with each other, working together to find Kai’s whereabouts!

However, Su Yuqi and Yu Jiameng were strangers to the Celestial Realm, but Fire Phoenix was familiar with it, and with her status as a divine beast, so the three girls had a very prosperous time here, and Fire Phoenix had even taken three tigers as mounts straight away!

“Those demonic beasts, when they see Fire Phoenix they all hide away, it’s a laughing stock.”

Yu Jiameng said as she ran her hand over the heads of the tigers beside her!

“The Fire Phoenix is a divine beast, those ordinary demonic beasts are certainly scared when they see the Fire Phoenix.”

Su Yuqi said!

“If I hadn’t been thrown into the secular world and my strength was greatly reduced, now even if I ran into those Imperial City guys, they would have to treat me with respect.”

Fire Phoenix said with a face full of smugness!

“The roasted rabbit is ready, it smells so good, hurry up and eat it ……”

Yu Jia Meng picked up the roasted rabbit and started to distribute it!

Su Yuqi took the roasted rabbit in her hand and suddenly became sad and said “Hey, I wonder how Kai is doing? I don’t know if he has anything to eat either!”

“Sister Yu Qi, don’t worry, maybe the master is better off than us now, surrounded by beautiful women, drunk and dreaming.”

Fire Phoenix turned to Su Yuqi and comforted her!

“If that’s the case, then that’s good, I don’t care how many women he has around him, as long as he has me in his heart.”

Su Yuqi said indifferently!

“Sister Yuqi, it’s good that the master found a girlfriend like you.” Fire Phoenix said!

“It’s also good that he found a maid like you, not only can you save him in times of crisis, but you can also sleep with him to relieve his boredom ……”

Su Yuqi smiled and snickered and looked at Fire Phoenix twice!

“Sister Yuqi, you’re laughing at me again ……”

Fire Phoenix blushed and followed Su Yuqi to snicker!

But at this moment, a seemingly unseen aura suddenly came in from outside the cave, and the three girls’ faces suddenly turned ugly!

“This guy, why is his ghost still there, how many days has it been?”

Yu Jiameng said with a frown!

But just as the words were finished, a man’s voice came from outside the cave.

“Three beauties, I know you are in there, stop hiding from me, there is no woman here who can escape my Gao Qisheng’s hands.”

“The woman I Gao Qisheng sees is mine sooner or later, you can ask around, my Gao family is very famous in this area of the Arctic Mountains, how many women have taken the initiative to throw themselves into my arms that I can’t even see!”

“I can look at you three, that’s your good fortune, when the time comes, we are one dragon and three phoenixes, won’t we be quite happy.”

The man’s voice was full of teasing, which made Su Yuqi and the girls grit their teeth in anger.

Ever since the three of them had bumped into this Gao Qisheng in a town some time ago, they had been stalked and stalked by this guy!

The three of them had been annoyed to death!

However, Gao Qisheng was an expert of the Harmony Realm, and even though Su Yuqi and Yu Jiameng had reached the eighth rank of Martial Emperor, and Fire Phoenix was even at the eighth rank of the Transformation Realm, the three of them together could not touch Gao Qisheng by a finger!

So the three of them could only hide from this guy, but this guy’s spirit would never go away, always finding Su Yuqi and the girls’ landing spots!


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