A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2650

When the other disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect saw both elders like this, they all lowered their heads in fear, not daring to look at the Supreme Elder!

Only Kai raised his head and carefully watched the Supreme Elder’s every move!

The gaze of the Supreme Elder also looked towards Kai, and the two were facing each other, but Kai was not the least bit scared!

The gaze of the Supreme Elder only lingered on Kai for a moment before moving away!

Soon, the two Elders finished palming each other, and the Supreme Elder asked, “I just felt a very strong aura in the back of the mountain, rampaging through the Jade Tripod Sect, what is going on?”

The Second Elder and the Third Elder looked at each other, and finally the Second Elder said with his swollen mouth, “In reply to the Supreme Elder, the sinful disciple has just summoned the ultimate demonic beast within the Eight Heavenly Desolate Rulers, and that strong aura is from that demonic beast!”

When the Supreme Elder heard this, he frowned slightly and said, “Bastard, how dare you summon the ultimate demonic beast? Which one did this, stand out for me ……”

“Great Elder, the sinful disciple is dead, his head was chopped off in the ring ……”

The second elder hurriedly said!

At this moment, the Second Elder’s forehead was filled with cold sweat, he didn’t expect that summoning the ultimate demonic beast would draw the Supreme Elder out!

Luckily, Kuang Biao had died, if he hadn’t, the Supreme Elder would have been furious and would have implicated himself!

As soon as he thought of this, the Second Elder was glad that Kuang Biao had died well ……

“Having his head chopped off? Summoned the ultimate demonic beast and still managed to get killed?”

“Who killed him anyway? And where are that Ultimate Demonic Beast and the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler?”

The Supreme Elder asked!

“It was Kai, he did it, that Ultimate Demonic Beast was wounded and retrieved into the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler, which is also in Kai’s hands.”

The Second Elder hurriedly said!

“Wounded the ultimate demonic beast?” The Supreme Elder was a little surprised, then swept a glance at the crowd and said “Who is Kai?”

“I ……” Kai stood up directly in the middle of the crowd!

Kai knew that even if he didn’t admit it, it would be useless, the Second Elder would identify him!

Seeing that Kai had taken the initiative to stand up, the Elder was a little surprised and after taking a look at Kai said “Hand over the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler, that kind of thing in your hands can only be a curse!”

Kai stood without saying anything, but he didn’t take out the Eight Heavenly Desolate Ruler either!

Seeing that Kai didn’t say anything, nor did he take out the Eight Qianhuang Ruler, the Supreme Elder frowned and his face turned cold!

“Mr. Chen, quickly hand over the Eight Qianhuang Ruler, don’t anger the Supreme Elder ……”

On the side, Nie Heng, kneeling on the ground, whispered to Kai and reminded him!

“Yes, Mr. Chen hurry up and hand it over!”

Fang Shu also persuaded Kai from the other side!

But Kai was still indifferent, and at this moment, the Third Elder was trembling and sweating coldly, but he could not make a sound to persuade Kai now, he could only pray in his heart that Kai would quickly hand over the Eight Heavenly Desolate Rulers!

He could only pray in his heart for Kai to hand it over!

“You didn’t understand what I said?” Seeing Kai’s indifference, the Supreme Elder became enraged!

“This Eight Qian Desolate Ruler is my trophy, why should I hand it over? I competed with that Kuang Biao in a life and death match, and since he was less skilled than me and was killed by me, then what he had on him should be mine.”

“I don’t think the Supreme Elder would rely on his status and strength to oppress the juniors, right?”

Kai asked to the Supreme Elder without being condescending!

As soon as Kai’s words left his mouth, everyone was all shocked, they had never seen anyone who dared to speak like that after the Supreme Elder!

Wasn’t this seeking death?

The Third Elder was so frightened at this point that his face turned pale and he sat down on the ground!

“Kai, how dare you, you dare to speak to the Supreme Elder like that, you should simply die ……”

The Second Elder at this time, rebuked loudly at Kai to show his respect for the Supreme Elder!


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