A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2649

“No one can stop me today, all the disciples listen to the order, kill me and take revenge for your Eldest Brother ……”

The Second Elder went mad and actually instructed his disciples to start charging and killing against the disciples of the Third Elder’s lineage!

Kuang Biao’s death had deeply irritated the Second Elder!

Seeing this, Kai’s aura skyrocketed as the power of the three clans slowly spread out in all directions!

Kai did not want the disciples of the Jade Tripod Clan to fight each other, if that happened, it would only result in both sides losing, and by then, he was afraid that the opening of the Pill Pond would be delayed!

This was not what Kai wanted to see, and Kai still wanted to take the Jade Tripod Sect for himself, so if it ended up in a pile of ruins, it would not be in Kai’s interest!

So Kai intended to take action and follow the Third Elder to deal with the Second Elder, as long as the Second Elder was subdued, the fight could be stopped!

But just as Kai was about to strike at the Second Elder, a terrifying aura suddenly struck him, and everyone instantly froze, staring blankly at the sky not far away!

“You unfilial disciples, you don’t know how to carry the Jade Tripod Sect forward, but you have even started a fight ……”

With an angry shout, the crowd saw a ray of light shooting straight into the void at the back of the Jade Tripod Sect, followed by an old man walking out in the midst of this light!

The old man was dressed in a grey cloth robe and had a majestic look on his face!

The old man looked down at the crowd below him in mid-air, his eyes filled with anger!

The old man then waved his palm out, a terrifying aura pressed down and the crowd all instantly fell to their knees!

Kai was no exception, even though he gritted his teeth and resisted, he was still pressed to the ground on one knee by that terrifying force!

“Combined Body Realm Eighth Grade ……”

Kai felt the strength of the old man’s realm, and even though he had the intention to resist, there was nothing he could do!

It was estimated that even if he had broken through to the Combined Body Realm, it would be absolutely impossible for him to resist an expert of the eighth rank of the Combined Body Realm!

“Tai …… Tai Shang Elder ……”

The second elder saw this old man and fell to his knees, trembling all over!

Amongst all these people, only the Second Elder had seen the Supreme Elder once, so as soon as the old man appeared, the Second Elder recognized him!

The Supreme Elder?

Everyone in the Jade Tripod Sect looked at the person in front of them in shock, each one of them in fear and trepidation!

They had only heard of the Jade Tripod Sect’s Supreme Elder, a figure who existed in the Jade Tripod Sect like a divine needle in the sea, but very few of them had actually met the Supreme Elder!

Now that the Supreme Elder had appeared, everyone in the Jade Tripod Sect was both excited and scared!

Especially the Second and Third Elders, who could feel the wrath of the Supreme Elder’s body!

“How dare you, as Elders of the Jade Tripod Sect, openly fight within yourselves, is this a rebellion?”

The Supreme Elder’s voice was icy cold, and his eyes were filled with a cold aura as he questioned the Second Elder and the Third Elder!

“Tai Shang Elder calm your anger, it was Senior Brother who broke the rules and took the lead, I was only forced to defend myself!”

The Third Elder hurriedly took the lead and said!

When the Second Elder heard this, he was frightened and hurriedly explained, “Supreme Elder, it was never like that, it was the Third Elder’s disciple who killed my eldest disciple and cut off his head, so I took action.”

“This is supposed to be a life and death ring, we said before we got into the ring, life and death has a destiny, you ……”

The Third Elder wanted to retort, but before he could finish his words, he saw the Supreme Elder gently wave his hand, and the Third Elder and Second Elder were instantly knocked out and fell heavily to the ground!

“I don’t want to listen to you two nonsense, as elders, can’t play an exemplary role, what’s the use of keeping you?”

The Supreme Elder said in a cold voice!

At these words, the Second and Third Elders instantly turned pale with fear, and one by one, they fell to their knees again, kowtowing desperately to admit their mistakes!

“Tai Shang Elder rest in peace, it was our mistake, we won’t dare to do it again, please also give us a chance ……”

The second and third elders desperately begged for forgiveness!

“For the sake of your first offense, no one opens their mouth fifty times.” The Supreme Elder said!

The Second and Third Elders were overjoyed and all smacked their mouths desperately, it was better than losing their lives!


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