A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2647

Only then did the crowd see that the black shadow was actually an incomparably huge bell, and on its body were carved nine lifelike dragons!

The crowd was amazed at how such a huge bell could suddenly fall from the sky.

At that moment, there was a sound inside the bell, and a hissing sound of a demonic beast came out from inside the bell!

Only then did the crowd understand that the demonic beast had been detained inside!

Seeing this, Kuang Biao hurriedly stepped forward with the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler in his hand and smashed it fiercely towards the Dragon Tattooed Bell in front of him, trying to break it and release the demonic beast!

But just as he smashed into the dragon bell, he was suddenly sent flying by a huge recoil!

The demonic beast rampaged inside the Dragon Tattooed Bell, but there was no way it could break out of the Dragon Tattooed Bell!

And at that moment, Kai, holding the bell hammer, slowly descended from the sky, and the green dragon had long since disappeared!

“Little beast, today I will give you a taste of grandfather’s power ……”

Kai’s face was full of anger, he had been beaten out of his temper by this demonic beast!

Only to see Kai holding the bell hammer, then ruthlessly hitting the dragon pattern bell!

Buzz …………

A mellifluous sound came out, and the crowd hurriedly covered their ears, and some of the disciples with low realms all had painful faces, covering their hearts!

With this sound, many people could no longer bear it, but Kai did not stop, and struck down again with the bell hammer!

After seven strikes in a row, there was no more movement inside the Dragon Bell!

And some of the less powerful disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect had already spat blood from their mouths and passed out!

When Kai saw that there was no more movement inside the Dragon Tattooed Bell, he casually moved his hand and the Dragon Tattooed Bell instantly became smaller and went into his storage ring!

At this moment, the demonic beast that looked like a horse was lying on the ground dying, and the golden horns on its head had lost their luster!

And on the demonic beast’s body, the green dragon was holding on to it with a deadly grip, and was also spitting out blood and dying!

Kai was able to use the dragon bell to cover the demonic beast because the blue dragon was desperately holding on to it, fighting for its life!

Otherwise, with the strength of the beast, it would have been very difficult for Kai to keep the beast inside the Dragon Pattern Bell!

Looking at the dying Green Dragon, Kai walked forward and gently stroked its head, while on his chest, the Dragon Crystal once again emitted light!

The green light enveloped the green dragon’s body, and the originally dying green dragon seemed to have instant vitality, after climbing up, the green dragon let out a hissing roar, and then flew into the sky ……

The green dragon left, while Kai was holding the Dragon Chopping Sword, looking coldly at the demonic beast!

The demonic beast had long since lost the fierce aura it had just had, and there was fear and pleading in its eyes!

It seemed to be begging Kai to let him go!

Kai’s hand, holding the sword, did not stab down, but turned around violently, and a sword mane went straight for Kuang Soaring!

Kuang Biao was caught unawares, and was instantly cut deep into his chest by the sword maneuver, and his whole body fell from mid-air to the ground!

The Eight Heavenly Desolate Ruler in Kuang’s hand fell to Kai’s heels!

Kai bent down and picked up the Eight Heavenly Desolation Ruler!

“Give it back to me, give it back to me, that’s my divine weapon ……”

Seeing this, Kuang Biao tried to go forward and grab it, but found that he couldn’t get up at all!

Kai took the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler and his divine sense instantly covered it, followed by the eight gems starting to light up, the heavily injured demonic beast was enveloped in a black mist, followed by a slow disappearance, back into the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler!

“This is a good thing to keep, it might be able to be used for Yu Qi ……”

Kai directly threw the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler into his storage ring!

When Kuang Biao saw that Kai had taken his weapon away, he was furious and shouted, but there was nothing he could do!

Kai looked at Kuang Biao, stepped forward and stepped on Kuang Biao’s head!


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