A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2646

But the Second Elder didn’t show any weakness and slapped out with a slap as well!

“How dare you, for the sake of a hairy boy, you dare to make a move against Senior Brother, when Senior Brother returns, I will report the truth and punish you for your crime ……”

The palm of the Second Elder and the Third Elder collided fiercely together!

The Third Elder’s body instantly flew backwards, it was obvious that his strength was below the Second Elder’s!

After all, the Second Elder was in charge of the Jade Tripod Sect’s supplies, and as the saying goes, he had the moon before the water, his cultivation resources were not comparable to the Third Elder’s!

So it was normal for there to be some difference in strength!

The Third Elder was forced back by a slap and could only look at Kai helplessly, he had no way to save Kai!

But at this moment, Kai didn’t seem to be afraid, looking at the demonic beast rushing towards him, the dragon crystal on Kai’s chest kept flashing with a greenish light!

Soon, out of this green glow, a green dragon about ten feet long swam out, its eyes like torches, and it roared!

As the crowd looked at the green dragon in front of them, they all drew a cold breath!

If the golden dragon that Kai had started to manifest appeared to be powerful and intimidating, but to the eyes of the crowd, it felt illusory after all!

But this green dragon was different, it was as substantial as the beard and scales, it was so clear!

This was a real dragon, not an illusion!

The green dragon hovered above Kai’s head, hissing and erupting with a burst of sound waves, causing Kuang Biao and the demonic beast to stall in their tracks!

Looking at the green dragon in front of him, that ultimate demonic beast paused for a moment, and a complicated expression flashed across its eyes!

“Kill for me …… kill for me …………”

Seeing that the demonic beast actually hesitated, Kuang Biao urged loudly!

At Kuang Biao’s urging, the demonic beast hissed back and charged on without fear!

Seeing this, the Green Dragon fiercely spurted out an ethereal blue flame from its mouth, and instantly that demonic beast was surrounded by flames!

The beast was surrounded by flames and let out a hissing roar. The golden horn on top of its head emitted an endless light, and when the light shone on the flames, it instantly extinguished them!

Seeing this scene, Kuang Biao’s face was filled with a new look of triumph!

Kai, on the other hand, frowned slightly, he did not expect this demonic beast to be so strong!

Seeing that the demonic beast had already reached Kai, the Green Dragon let out a hiss and instantly dragged Kai with it, dodging the blow by dashing up into the sky!

“Trying to run, it’s not that easy, give me chase ……”

Kuang Biao commanded the demonic beast and instantly chased towards Kai!

The golden horns of the demonic beast kept emitting a ray of light, the light hitting that green dragon, causing it to keep emitting a harsh hiss, but even so, the green dragon still dragged Kai with it, straight into the clouds!

Kai frowned, he knew that if these went on, sooner or later, he would be killed by that demonic beast.

Having no choice, Kai took the Dragon Tattooed Bell out from his storage ring, although he didn’t want to reveal all his strength and magic weapon so soon!

But now that the situation was critical, there was nothing else to do!

“This time, it’s impossible for that Kai to escape, I didn’t expect this kid to be able to summon a true dragon, only that the true dragon summoned is too much of a dish ……”

The second elder said with the corners of his mouth raised, full of smugness!

The third elder didn’t pay any attention to him, but tilted his head nervously and looked up, at this moment, Kai and the others were long gone!

Just as the crowd wondered what the hell was going on now, a black shadow suddenly descended from the sky!

Soon, the black shadow grew bigger and bigger, and in the end, something as big as a ring came crashing down heavily!

Boom …………

The black shadow instantly smashed into the ground, erupting into a violent tremor that shook down many of the houses of the Yuding Sect!

Many people were also tipped out of the way, while the black shadow was set deep into the ground!


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