A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2644

“With the Execution Formation in place, don’t be thinking that anyone will be able to save you, today you will be judged by death ……”

Kuang Biao’s body slowly began to float up, his face full of fierce smiles as he said!

With the Execution and Killing Formation outside and the ultimate demonic beast inside, he didn’t believe that Kai wouldn’t die!

Kai glanced at the Execution Formation around him, this formation was simply unbearable to him, what Kai was most worried about now was the demonic beast in front of him!

In this small ring, if he followed such a demonic beast in a fight, Kai would have no chance of winning, Kai would have to rely on his flexible positioning!

If he really wasn’t a match for the beast, Kai could still walk away, he wouldn’t really die here!

“A small killing formation, is it worth showing off like that?”

Kai snorted coldly as his fingers kept on pinching, followed by several streaks of white light shooting out from his fingertips!

Several streaks of white light struck the formation’s eye!

Boom boom boom …………

Along with a few slight sounds, immediately afterwards the surrounding Execution Formation began to shake violently.

Kai flicked his hand, a breeze blew through and the formation instantly disappeared without a trace!

This time, everyone was dumbfounded!

That Kuang Biao, who had just been full of complacency, now had his pupils contracted, his face full of disbelief!

Not only was he incredulous, but even the Second and Third Elders in the stands were shocked!

Kai had shocked them time and time again!

In fact, this Immortal Punishing Formation was not a particularly advanced formation, only because all those within the Jade Tripod Sect were pill masters and knew nothing about formations!

In their opinion, breaking the formation was just a matter of brute force, if the real masters of magic were there, they would need to find the eyes of the formation to break it, which would be much easier!

So when they saw that Kai had easily broken the Execution Formation, they were all dumbfounded!

They didn’t know that Kai was not only strong and skilled in medicine, but he was also a master of magic, an all-round talent!

“Master, is there anything else that this …… Chen actually doesn’t know?”

Fang Shu’s eyes widened as he was once again overwhelmed by Kai!

The Third Elder didn’t say anything, he couldn’t figure out right now just how much Kai knew!

And at that moment, Kuang Biao above the ring had no more means, all he could rely on now was this ultimate demonic beast in front of him!

“Kill him, kill him now …………”

Kuang Biao roared, commanding the demonic beast to attack towards Kai!

Only to see the demonic beast let out a roar and the golden horn on top of its head instantly erupted with a golden light!

The golden light was like a shooting star, only to be seen shooting out towards Kai!

Seeing this, Kai waved his Zenglong Sword in front of him, a barrier instantly appeared, and the Unbreakable Golden Body on his body erupted with a brilliant light!

Kai raised all his power to the extreme, and the power of the three clans was also exerted by Kai at full strength!

Boom …………

The golden light smashed fiercely against Kai’s body, exploding into a light that was brighter than the sun!

Everyone had to close their eyes and exude their bodies to ward off the fallout!

Slowly, the light disappeared, and the whole ring had long since fallen apart!

Kuang Biao was suspended in mid-air, gently stepping on the demonic beast that looked like a horse and not a horse!

And in front of him, there was long gone Kai’s figure!

“Hahahaha ………… hahaha ………… ”

“You’re still a bit too young to fight me ……”

Kuang Biao laughed crazily, that blow just now, he was afraid that it had knocked Kai into dust long ago!

The rest of the crowd watched dumbfounded, at this moment there was only Kuang Biao in the air above the ring, Kai’s figure had long since disappeared!

“Bad, I’m afraid that Chen has met with an untimely death, right?”

Fang Shu frowned, very worried!

The Third Elder’s face was also incomparably ugly, he still had to count on Kai to heal Liu Ruyan, if Kai died, then Liu Ruyan was afraid that she would never wake up!

Moreover, Kai was also his life-saving benefactor, and to be killed in front of him like this, the Third Elder blamed himself greatly!

But in that situation just now, even if he made a move, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get close enough to be suppressed by that aura!


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