A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2643

As if the whole heaven and earth were about to be torn apart, along with a roar, a figure slowly emerged from the black vortex.

All that could be seen was a several feet tall, golden-horned, horse-like demonic beast slowly landing on top of the ring!

The appearance of this demonic beast instantly caused the air around it to stagnate and freeze!

Immediately afterwards, the demonic beast roared again, and along with the roar, a ripple rose in the air, and wherever the ripple passed, everyone clutched their hearts as if their bodies had been hit hard!

“Hahahaha, this …… is the ultimate demonic beast within the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler, it’s too powerful ……”

Kuang Biao looked at the unknown demonic beast in front of him and burst out laughing!

And the others were watching with both excitement and nervousness, it was their first time seeing this kind of demonic beast too!

Above the grandstand, the Second Elder and the Third Elder, they looked at the demonic beast on the ring, their expressions incomparably grave!

Although the two were opposing each other, none of them wanted the Jade Tripod Sect to be destroyed, and this demonic beast that appeared before them had an aura that was too powerful, and if this demonic beast got out of control, they didn’t know if they could withstand it!

The Second Elder looked at Kuang Biao who seemed to have fallen into madness, and he couldn’t help but sigh!

At this moment, Kai, holding the Zeng Long Sword in his hand, looked at the demonic beast in front of him, and his brow was also slightly furrowed!

The aura emanating from this demonic beast was far too powerful, far more powerful than several of the elders of the Jade Tripod Sect ……

Looking at the expression on Kai’s face, Kuang Biao smiled, he knew that Kai was scared.

“Kai, there is absolutely no way you can or will leave this ring today ……”

When Kuang Biao finished speaking, his palm flipped over and a formation astrolabe instantly appeared in his hand, and without hesitation, Kuang Biao crushed the formation astrolabe!

Boom …………

A black mist filled out from the crushed formation astrolabe and instantly enveloped the ring!

Immediately afterwards, around the ring, a pillar of light flickered up, surrounding the entire ring!

Seeing this, the Third Elder fiercely rose from the high platform and said with a frown, “The Execution Formation?”

The Third Elder originally wanted to save Kai when he was in danger, but he didn’t expect that Kuang Biao would have such a tactic, and had set up a killing formation around the ring, so it would be difficult for the Third Elder to save Kai.

The crowd around him was shocked, knowing that such a formation astrolabe was worth a fortune, but he didn’t expect Kuang Biao to be willing to use it!

At this moment, the ring was surrounded by countless killing intent, anyone who approached would immediately launch an attack, few people would break through this killing formation!

“Master, I’m afraid that Mr. Chen is in danger now, right? I didn’t expect that Kuang Biao to have an array astrolabe in his hand, and I don’t know where this fellow got it from.”

Fang Shu said with worry!

The Third Elder turned his gaze towards the Second Elder, the only one who could find this kind of formation astrolabe was the Second Elder, after all, the Second Elder controlled all kinds of resources issued by the Jade Tripod Sect!

He could use his position to exchange the resources of the Jade Tripod Sect for the formation astrolabe!

“Senior brother, don’t look at me, this formation astrolabe, I don’t know what’s going on, that Kuang Biao has been sent out for years, what he’s doing outside, how would I know!”

The Second Elder saw what the Third Elder meant and hurriedly explained!

“There is a killing formation outside and the ultimate demonic beast inside, this time Mr. Chen is afraid it will be difficult ……”

Nie Heng, who hadn’t said anything, frowned tightly!

Kai still had his life-soul pinched in his hand, if Kai died, then he would be finished with him, so he couldn’t let Kai die, but in this situation now, he had no way to save Kai!

With this level of strength, he would probably be strangled inside the Execution Formation if he approached it!


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