A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2642

And the crowds around, all wide-eyed and incredulous!

The demonic beasts that had been very fierce just now had, in this instant, become incomparably meek and obedient to Kai, this was simply incredible!

Even the Second and Third Elders on top of the high platform were filled with confusion, not knowing what was going on!

Only such demonic beasts were qualified to be imprisoned inside the ruler, and the reason why the ruler could be called a divine weapon was because of the demonic beasts imprisoned inside!

But now, when these fierce demonic beasts faced Kai, they had all changed, leaving everyone baffled!

“Go, bite that stupid bastard for me ……”

Kai kept Kuang soaring and said to the three demonic beasts!

The three demonic beasts nodded, then turned their bodies around and once again showed a fierce expression as they pounced towards Kuang Biao!

It was only when the beasts reached him and the unpleasant smell of blood came from their mouths that he reacted!

“Collect …………”

Kuang Biao hurriedly waved the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler, along with the flashing of the jewels, the three demonic beasts were collected again!

Kuang Biao’s forehead was covered in cold sweat at this point, he was so close to being buried in the demonic beasts’ mouths!

But just as he wiped his sweat, with a flash of light!


Kuang Biao’s face was once again struck by Kai with his sword, and by now Kuang Biao’s entire face had turned into a pig’s head!

“Ahh …………”

Kuang Biao roared in anger and swung the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler to attack!

Snapping …………

But before Kuang Biao could make a move, the long sword in Kai’s hand, once again attacked, directly slapping Kuang Biao’s face!

Everyone in the audience looked stunned!

After all, Kai was a lot lower than Kuang Biao, and Kuang Biao still had the Eight Heavenly Desolate Ruler in his hand, but no one expected such a result, Kai was just crushing the stage!

Soon, Kuang Biao’s face was a bloody mess and his face was broken!

When the Second Elder saw this scene, his face was as pale as if he had eaten shit!

“Master, Chen really didn’t expect to be so powerful, at first I was worried ……”

Seeing Kai crush Kuang Biao, Fang Shu said excitedly!

“I also didn’t expect that Chen would be so strong ……”

The Third Elder was also very surprised!

Only Nie Heng didn’t say anything, after all, he had fought with Kai and almost didn’t get beaten out of his shit!

“Admit defeat or not? Kneel down and admit defeat now, and you can still save a life ……”

Kai said to Kuang Biao!

“I will never admit defeat ……”

Kuang Biao had been thoroughly beaten out by Kai at this point!

A domineering aura emanated from Kuang Biao’s body as a ray of light seemed to fall from the sky onto Kuang Biao’s body!

“I want you to die, I want you to be unable to be human for eternity ……”

Kuang Biao roared, his eyes staring deadly at Kai, in his eyes was an endless killing intent!

Only to see the Eight Qian Desolate Rulers in Kuang Biao’s hand, the eight emerald green gems lit up together under the light!

The crowd was shocked to see this scene!

After all, they all knew what it meant for these eight gems to light up at the same time!

“Kuang Biao, no fooling around, quickly put down the Eight Qian Desolate Rulers ……”

When the Second Elder saw that Kuang Biao was about to summon the ultimate demonic beast, he immediately panicked a little!

After all, this kind of ultimate demonic beast, no one had ever seen it or seen the strength, when the time comes, if it gets out of control, then their whole Jade Tripod Sect is afraid that it will be gone!

But at this moment, Kuang Biao would not listen, he was already blinded by rage at this moment, he must kill Kai!

Only Kuang Biao’s hair kept waving as a huge black vortex appeared above the ring!

Countless black mist was swallowed up by that vortex!


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