A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2641

You must know that he is the true body of a golden dragon, and he even has a wisp of dragon crystal and fire phoenix inside him!

Like these demonic beasts, Kai was not the least bit afraid!

The aura within Kai’s body exploded instantly, and behind Kai, a golden dragon slowly circled up!

A dragon roar resounded through the heavens and the earth ……

The python that was flying towards Kai froze instantly when it saw the golden dragon appear, and then its eyes were filled with panic!

In the blink of an eye, the python disappeared, and the jewel that lit up on the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler was instantly extinguished!

Kwong was dumbfounded by this sudden change of events, leaving him frozen on the spot!

He hadn’t even figured out what was going on, but the attacking python had come running back!

At this moment, even the Third Elder and the others in the stands were surprised!

“A golden dragon appeared behind Mr. Chen, that can’t be a real dragon, can it?”

Fang Shu said with a face full of shock!

The Third Elder did not speak, but looked at Kai in shock!

“Kuang Biao, what are you doing? That was just a golden dragon that came out of illusion, and you’re stunned?”

The Second Elder shouted anxiously when he saw Kuang Biao frozen on the spot, motionless!

You know the rules of the tournament, people outside the ring are not allowed to alert those inside the ring, and even more so, they are not allowed to help!

But the Second Elder was blatantly breaking the rules!

With the Second Elder’s shout, that Kuang Biao just snapped out of his shock, but before he could react, he only saw a flash of white light!


Kuang Biao only felt his face burning hot, and immediately afterwards half of his face swelled up!

It turned out that Kai had just smacked Kuang Biao’s face viciously with the Zeng Long Sword in his hand!

If Kai hadn’t used his sword to smack Kuang Biao’s cheek, but had used his sword to seal his throat, then Kuang Biao would have been separated from his corpse by now!

This proves that Kai had shown mercy, and if Kuang Biao had stopped and admitted defeat at this point, Kai would not have pursued the matter!

But how could he stop and admit defeat when his face was so swollen from being slapped with Kai’s sword?

In front of so many people, he had lost his face!

Even the second elder lost face and roared with anger, “Kuang Biao, what’s wrong with you? You’re just a piece of shit. ……”

When Kuang Biao was scolded by his own master, his anger surged even more, and the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler in his hand flashed with three emerald green gems!

Soon, a burst of black mist rose up, and under the wrapping of this black mist, three demonic beasts of different forms, appeared above the ring!

The three demonic beasts roared with rage, each with their teeth and claws open and their bodies full of blood!

It looked like these demonic beasts had been suppressed inside the Eight Dry and Desolate Rulers for a long time, and had not been released for a long time. When the three demonic beasts were released and saw Kai, their eyes emitted an eerie green glow!

“Kai, I will tear you apart completely ……”

“Bite him to death, bite him to death for me ……”

Kuang Biao gritted his teeth and roared!

Kuang Biao commanded the three demonic beasts and charged ferociously towards Kai!

And in the face of the three ferocious demonic beasts, the corners of Kai’s mouth lifted slightly as a faint golden glow emanated from his entire body, the aura of the Dragon and Phoenix Power spreading out in all directions within this glow!

The entire ring was enveloped by this aura, and the three demonic beasts, which were originally fierce and flailing about, instantly froze on the spot after being enveloped by this aura, and then their eyes were filled with fear!

“Get down …………”

Kai shouted explosively towards the three demonic beasts!

Upon hearing this, the three demonic beasts trembled in fear and immediately fell to the ground, knowing that Kai was emitting the aura of a divine beast, how could these demonic beasts not be afraid!

Seeing how easily Kai could command the three demonic beasts, Kuang Biao was once again dumbfounded, and his mouth was open enough to stuff an egg into it!


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