A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2640

Boom Boom Boom …………

A deafening explosion rumbles around the ring!

The Eight Qian Desolate Ruler in Kuang Biao’s hand kept swinging and the entire ring was shrouded in black mist, many people could no longer see the light in the ring at this point!

Only on top of the high platform on the side of the ring, the Second Elder and the Third Elder, they could still see the sight of Kai and Kuang Biao doing battle.

And Kai’s body was weaving through this black mist, the Zeng Long Sword in his hand not swinging once, dodging Kuang Biao’s attacks with his body technique alone!

In the blink of an eye, that Kuang Biao had already attacked hundreds of times, but unfortunately, he had not been able to hit Kai once!

On the contrary, Kuang Biao himself was so tired that he was panting for breath!

Kuang Biao frowned, he didn’t expect Kai to be so nimble in addition to being physically strong!

“If you admit defeat now, I can still keep you alive, just drill through my crotch ……”

“But when I’m not interested in playing anymore, it won’t be possible for you to stay alive if you want to!”

Kai looked at Kuang Biao and sneered!

“Kid, don’t you dare run wild ……”

Kuang Biao was furious and angry, the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler in his hand attacked towards Kai once again!

Only Kuang Biao’s attack was still easily dodged by Kai!

“Mr. Chen is really capable, that Kuang Biao couldn’t even touch the corner of Mr. Chen’s clothes ……”

Fang Shu was full of shock when he saw the scene in the ring!

“En, it seems that we really underestimated him a bit.”

The Third Elder also nodded!

“Hmph, it’s just by being nimble, he said that he had ten minutes to defeat Kuang Biao, with him hiding like this, it’s impossible to defeat Kuang Biao in an hour, not to mention ten minutes.”

“When the ten minutes are up, I’ll even ask Third Senior Brother to get up and announce the result ……”

The Second Elder snorted coldly from the side!

Hearing the Second Elder’s words, Fang Shu and the Third Elder all stopped speaking, because the Second Elder was right!

Kai was agile, but if he continued to hide like this, it would be most detrimental to Kai, after all, Kai had boasted that he would settle the battle in ten minutes!

If they kept on dodging like this, ten minutes would soon be up!

“It seems that you have given up your chance to live, then don’t blame me for being ungracious ……”

Kai said, finally no longer dodging, and the Zeng Long Sword in his hand instantly swung up!

The two clashed and staggered above the ring continuously, the entire void trembling.

Kuang Biao frowned, and the jewel on the Eight Heavenly Desolate Ruler in his hand instantly lit up one, followed by a black python that actually rose slowly from that Eight Heavenly Desolate Ruler!

The python opened its bloody mouth, revealing a mouth full of fangs, and headed towards Kai!

The Third Elder, Fang Shu and the others who saw this scene were all slightly shocked!

After all, Kuang Biao’s Eight Dry Desolate Rulers were considered divine weapons, and the eight emerald green gems on them were sealed with eight fierce demonic beasts!

When all eight gems were lit up at the same time, no one knew what kind of monster would appear!

For no one had yet dared to light up all eight gems at the same time. At Kuang Biao’s residence, Kuang Biao was angered by Kai’s demolition of his home and instantly lit up all eight gems!

Luckily, the Second Elder appeared and gave Kuang Biao a slap on the face to stop the scene, otherwise the monster would have appeared, and I’m afraid that the entire Jade Tripod Sect’s clan residence would have been destroyed!

“Hahahaha, with just this Eight Qian Desolate Ruler, that Kai couldn’t even solve it in ten minutes, and he still wants to defeat Kuang Biao in ten minutes, he’s simply delusional.”

The Second Elder said with a loud laugh!

The Third Elder and the others all became incredibly nervous, staring intently at the ring, wanting to see how Kai would respond!

And the corners of Kai’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up into a cold smile after seeing a python actually emerge from the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler!


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