A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2639

The crowd started heading in the direction of the ring, and soon the news of Kai and Nie Heng competing in a life and death match spread throughout the Jade Tripod Sect, and all those outer disciples came running to watch!

Because the ring was built at the combination of the inner and outer sects, it was also to better enable the outer disciples to learn more from the competition!

When they arrived at the ring, the Third Elder and the Second Elder all sat on the high platform on one side of the ring, so that they could see clearly what was going on in the ring!

Neither the Third Elder nor the Second Elder said anything, but each had something in mind!

The Third Elder had already made up his mind, if Kai really lost, he couldn’t let Kai die a horrible death at the hands of Kuang Biao, he had to save Kai!

After all, Liu Ruyan hadn’t woken up yet, and he still needed Kai to heal Liu Ruyan later on!

Even without Liu Ruyan, the Third Elder would not have failed to save him, his life was saved by Kai!

At this moment, the Second Elder was also calculating in his heart that if Kuang Biao accidentally lost, he would not let Kai really kill Kuang Biao.

“Master, do you think Chen will be a match for that Kuang Biao? I always feel that it’s too mysterious ……”

Fang Shu asked with some worry!

“I don’t know either ……” The Third Elder shook his head, he didn’t really know much about Kai’s strength either!

“I feel like I can!”

At this moment, Nie Heng spoke up, here, only he had seen with his own eyes regarding Kai’s strength!

Looking at Kai’s current confident look, Nie Heng felt that Kai should be completely sure of himself!

Seeing that Nie Heng actually believed that Kai could win, that Second Elder couldn’t help but glance at Nie Heng and said in a sinister manner, “Nie Heng, since when have you become a dog in front of your Third Senior Uncle?”

Nie Heng didn’t say anything, after all, the Second Elder was his senior uncle, so even if he said something unpleasant, he didn’t dare to refute it!

At this moment, Kai followed Kuang Biao and stood opposite each other in the ring!

Around the ring were the disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect, everyone was very excited, especially the outer disciples, who hadn’t seen such a high level of competition in a long time!

“I heard that Senior Brother Kuang Biao has already broken through the Transformation Realm and reached the Harmony Realm, who is this guy he’s fighting with? He looks so familiar!”

“This is Third Elder’s newly recruited disciple, he looks like he has never been beaten before, he has just come to the Jade Tripod Sect, and he dares to follow Senior Brother Kuang Biao in a match.”

“This guy isn’t weak either, he beat up a disciple from the Second Elder’s lineage and destroyed the mansion, he’s wild. ……”

The crowd was whispering!

No one thought Kai could beat Kuang Biao, after all, the difference in strength between the two was too great!

A gap of one big realm is not something that can be bridged by relying on skills and weapons!

“You really have a lot of guts, I’m going to see today, you’re just an eighth rank of the Transformation Realm, on what basis do you have the guts to compete with me in the Life and Death Ring at the Combined Body Realm!”

Kuang Biao said as he looked coldly at Kai!

“What am I relying on, you will know in a moment, cut the crap and make your move ……”

Kai said with a cold laugh!

“I make the first move? In front of so many people, if I make the first move, wouldn’t that mean I’m bullying you, I’ll let you make the first move!”

Kuang Biao was afraid that if he made the first move at this time, he would be laughed at!

“If I make a move, you won’t have a chance, I’m giving you a chance ……”

Kai’s face was full of titanism, he couldn’t see in the slightest that this was a match between life and death!

Kuang Biao wasn’t talking, but took out his own Eight Qian Desolate Ruler, which was filled with countless black mist!

“Ten minutes, you only have ten minutes, I’ll see how you can defeat me in ten minutes ……”

Kuang Biao said, as the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler in his hand kept shaking, countless residual shadows flying in the sky, heading straight for Kai!

Kai reached out, the Dragon Cutting Sword appeared in his hand, with a flick of his wrist, a sword aura rose up to the sky, the two auras instantly collided together!


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