A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2638

Even the Third Elder looked on in amazement, his face full of disbelief!

One must know that Kai’s current realm was not as good as that of Kuang Biao, and he was the weaker party, yet he never thought that Kai would take the initiative to propose the Great Life and Death Ring!

The Second Elder and Kuang Biao also didn’t expect Kai to make such a request, so they didn’t know what to do for a while!

Seeing that Kuang Biao didn’t say anything, Kai continued, “What, you don’t dare? Are you afraid that you will die a horrible death?”

This was Kai’s way of deliberately provoking Kuang Biao!

After all, Kai’s realm was much lower than Kuang Biao’s. If Kuang Biao didn’t dare to compete, it would be a real shame!

“Senior brother, they are all disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect, it wouldn’t be too good to cause a scene, would it? If senior brother comes back, I’m afraid he’ll chastise us, I think it’s better to go to the point and apologize to whoever loses ……”

The second elder said to the third elder!

After all, Kai, a cultivator of the eighth rank of the Harmonization Realm, dared to take the initiative to follow a Harmonization Realm cultivator to compete in a life and death match, which made the second elder and Kuang Biao wonder for a moment what medicine Kai was selling in his gourd!

He was afraid that Kai had some kind of backhand, and if he really got the upper hand in the ring and killed his disciple, the Second Elder was afraid that he would die of heartache!

“I’m about to compete in the Ring of Life and Death, if you don’t dare to agree, I won’t force you, kneel down and apologise to me, you can save your own little life!”

Without waiting for the Third Elder to speak, Kai refused outright, he insisted on competing in the life and death ring!

The Second Elder was pushed back by Kai and his face turned blue with anger, but now that they had been forced to this point by Kai, it was neither yes nor no!

Seeing that the Second Elder and Kuang Biao still didn’t dare to say yes to Kai, many of the Jade Tripod Sect disciples were already pointing their fingers, after all, in their eyes, Kuang Biao’s strength was much higher than Kai’s, but Kuang Biao hesitated when Kai proposed to fight in a life and death match!

When Kai saw that Kuang Biao still didn’t dare to agree, he took two steps forward and crossed his legs, “Kneel down, crawl over, and I won’t mention the matter of the life and death match again!”

“Since you don’t have the guts, let’s settle this the wimpiest way possible!”

Looking at Kai with a sneer on his face, Kuang Biao’s anger was completely stirred up!

“Fine, I promise you, in the life and death ring, the loser will simply leave his life on the stage ……”

“I don’t believe that you, a trash of the eighth rank of the Realm of Transformation, can still win against me ……”

Kuang Biao’s eyes stared and said!

“Then let’s go on stage, don’t waste time, if I can’t defeat you in ten minutes, I’ll admit defeat myself!”

Kai said with an arrogant look on his face!

Hearing Kai’s words, the crowd once again let out a gasp, if Kai dared to follow Kuang Biao in a life and death match, he was already crazy enough, now he even dared to say that he would defeat Kuang Biao in ten minutes, this was simply crazy to the point of no return!

No one believed that Kai could defeat Kuang Biao in ten minutes, it was not even known if Kai could defeat Kuang Biao, and now he had the audacity to say that he could defeat Kuang Biao in ten minutes!

“Hahahaha, kid, you’re simply too crazy, then let’s have a fight, I’d like to see how you can defeat me in ten minutes ……”

Kuang Biao was inwardly overjoyed to see that Kai had actually let out big words!

Even if Kai had any other means, to defeat himself in ten minutes would simply be impossible!

At this moment, even the Second Elder relaxed and said with the corners of his mouth raised “Kid, this is what you said, I will take your words as a rule, if you can’t defeat Kuang Biao in ten minutes, then you can kill yourself ……”

“Mr. Chen, you …………”

Fang Shu and Nie Heng and the others all looked at Kai with worry!

Although Nie Heng knew Kai’s true strength, it was somewhat unlikely that he would be able to defeat Kuang Biao in ten minutes!

Kai waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, it won’t even take ten minutes to deal with this kind of trash ……”


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