A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2637

“Nie Heng, what’s the need to investigate this? If you favour this Kai and don’t arrest him, then I’ll have to do it myself, and when senior brother returns, I’ll speak to him personally ……”

The Second Elder said as his aura rose up once more!

Nie Heng saw this and frowned slightly and hurriedly said “Second Senior Uncle, I just checked the warehouse and found that there was one Hybrid Pill missing, I guess this Hybrid Pill was eaten by your eldest disciple?”

“Your people are guarding the storehouse, now that such an important high grade pill is missing, is this considered supervising and stealing?”

Nie Heng wanted to change the subject and steer the spearhead to the Second Elder taking the pills privately!

“Not bad, I took the Mixed Neo Pill, what’s the fuss about it, when your master returns, I’ll naturally explain it to him.”

“What we are talking about now is this Kai beating up his fellow disciples and destroying the residence, you need not talk to me about anything else.”

“Now you order his arrest immediately, or I will do it myself!”

The Second Elder graciously admitted it, which was unexpected from Nie Heng!

“Second Elder, it was your eldest disciple who first beat up Third Elder’s disciples and destroyed their house, so if we’re talking about breaking the rules and having to arrest them, your eldest disciple can’t get away with it, right?”

Nie Heng asked!

“No problem, arrest him first!” After the Second Elder finished speaking, he saw Kuang Biao and said, “Kuang Biao, do you know you’re wrong?”

“Master, I know, I’m willing to be punished by the sect rules!” Kuang Biao nodded his head!

“Can we arrest that Kai now?” The Second Elder asked as he looked towards Nie Heng!

This time, Nie Heng was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to do, he could only look at Kai helplessly!

They all knew that Kuang Biao had been put into the water prison, and I believed that he would soon be released by the Second Elder, but if Kai was put in, no one would release him, and the Third Elder didn’t have the slightest bit of power in the Inner Sect, so who would care about Kai!

If he was really arrested, Hu Yixiao would still take revenge on himself when he returned.

“Second Brother, it’s just a child fighting, why are you really angry?

At this moment, the Third Elder also rushed over after being informed!

He saw Second Elder trying to arrest Kai, so he spoke out!

“Senior brother, this disciple of yours is a little too wild, he beat up my people and destroyed my mansion, shouldn’t he be taught a lesson?”

The Second Elder said with an icy expression on his face!

“Second senior brother, then your eldest disciple went to my mansion first, beat up my people and destroyed my mansion, shouldn’t I teach him a lesson too?”

“I think these are your eldest disciple’s own actions, it wouldn’t be assigned by the second senior brother, would it?”

The Third Elder asked as he looked at the Second Elder in a calm and collected manner!

The Second Elder opened his mouth, but for a moment he didn’t know what to say, after all they were in the wrong, they had started it!

When Kuang Biao saw this, he said, “Master, since things have come to this point, why don’t you let me follow Kai to the ring and let him apologize and kowtow if he loses, and then this matter will be over.”

“I think it can …… be done,” the second elder nodded, and then looked at the third elder and asked, “Senior brother, what do you think?”

The third elder looked at Kai, he didn’t know how to answer, after all, that Kuang Biao was now at the Hopper realm, much higher than Kai’s realm!

Kai smiled coldly and said “It’s fine to have a match in the ring, but it’s a life and death match, the one who loses won’t have to kowtow and apologize, just leave his life behind, wouldn’t that be better ……”

The moment Kai’s words left his mouth, the whole room was instantly shocked, and everyone looked at Kai in surprise!


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