A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2636

With an order from the Second Elder, the disciples of the Second Elder’s line swarmed up and prepared to arrest Kai!

Seeing this, Fang Shu hurriedly led the disciples of the Third Elder’s lineage to hold Kai back!

“Who are you to arrest people? Even if you want to punish, it is the Sovereign who should do so, where is it your turn to punish the Second Elder’s lineage?”

Fang Shu said loudly!

What Fang Shu said was correct, the rewards and punishments within the clan were only done by order of the clan master, the Second Elder was not in charge of this piece, the Second Elder was only responsible for the distribution of supplies and personnel assessment!

He did not have the right to punish the disciples of other lines of the Jade Tripod Sect, that was why Fang Shu said that!

But Fang Shu didn’t know that his words had deeply hurt the Second Elder’s heart. As the Second Elder, he had no power to reward or punish the Jade Tripod Sect’s disciples, and if Hu Yixiao wasn’t here, his power would not be as great as Nie Heng, the eldest disciple!

“How dare you, a tiny disciple, speak to me like that, you deserve to die ……”

The Second Elder was stung by Fang Shu’s words, his brow furrowed as he flicked his palm, and Fang Shu’s body was instantly sent flying out!

Fang Shu fell heavily to the ground with a very grim expression, clearly injured!

“Arrest that Kai for me ……”

After sending Fang Shu flying with a slap, the Second Elder ordered loudly!

At this moment, Kai’s eyes were slightly glued with a murderous intent in his eyes, and just as the disciples from the Second Elder’s lineage rushed forward, a terrifying aura instantly erupted from Kai’s body!

This aura was like a tornado, instantly sweeping through the disciples of the Second Elder’s lineage. A dozen disciples of the Second Elder’s lineage were directly knocked out, falling heavily into the ruins one by one, their lives and deaths unknown ……

Seeing Kai enter and dare to strike at his own disciples in front of him, the Second Elder was instantly furious!

“Good boy, you are trying to rebel ……”

After the Second Elder finished speaking, he reached out and grabbed towards Kai, and an immense palm appeared in the void, and the palm enveloped Kai!

When Kai saw this, his right hand tightly gripped the Dragon Cutting Sword and his eyes became very sharp!

Now Kai had no problem dealing with the Second Elder, but if the Second Elder and Kuang Biao joined forces, Kai was afraid that he would have to struggle a bit.

Now that the Divine King’s Bow had been lost, the only card he had in his hand was the Dragon Tattooed Bell, but Kai didn’t dare to use it freely, after all, if he exposed too much now, he would definitely make many people focus on him!

Just when Kai was thinking about how to break the situation, Nie Heng suddenly appeared!

Nie Heng was holding the sect master’s token in his hand and said loudly to the Second Elder, “Second Senior Uncle, are you loudly destroying the entire sect?”

Hearing Nie Heng’s words, the Second Elder withdrew his hand!

“Nie Heng, this kid assaulted a fellow clan member and destroyed the residence, so I’m going to arrest him, what’s wrong with that?”

The Second Elder looked at Nie Heng and asked!

“Second Senior Uncle, in the absence of Master, then all rewards and punishments within the sect are decided by me, I wonder if Second Senior Uncle has the intention of spying on the position of Sect Master by taking the initiative like this?”

Nie Heng asked to the Second Elder!

The second elder didn’t expect Nie Heng to speak to himself like this, but Nie Heng was holding the sect master token in his hand, and in front of so many disciples, he couldn’t refute anything, so he said, “Well, then you give the orders, you quickly give the order to arrest this Kai …… ”

“Second senior uncle, before things are clear, how can I just give an order!”

Nie Heng said!

“Nie Heng, I f*cking think you’re deliberately biased towards this guy, the facts are right in front of you, are you blind?”

Kuang Biao hurled insults at Nie Heng!


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