A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2635

Kwong Soi also hurriedly looked up, and to his surprise, he found that at some point, Kai had appeared above his head!

Only to see Kai holding the Zenglong Sword in his hand, his sword qi was like a rainbow, countless sword maces shot out from the Zenglong Sword, but these sword maces were not attacking Kuang Biao, but heading towards Kuang Biao’s mansion!

Rumble …………

Under the swinging and slashing of the countless sword maces, Kuang Biao’s mansion began to collapse, countless pillars were chopped off, and the smoke and dust rising from the collapse of the house instantly drowned the crowd!

“Run quickly …………”

I don’t know who shouted and everyone swarmed outwards, no one wanted to be crushed under the houses!

Kai’s sword had directly destroyed Kuang Biao’s mansion, but Kai didn’t seem satisfied, instead, he bellowed again and a golden sword mane rose into the sky, accompanied by a dragon whistle, that golden sword mane transformed into a golden dragon!

The golden dragon roared and instantly destroyed all the houses that were connected to Kuang’s residence.

As the saying goes, if you don’t come, you don’t go, so Kai couldn’t just destroy one of Kuang’s residences!

As the crowd watched the scene before them, they were all speechless, for as far as they could remember, such a thing had never happened in the inner sect of the Jade Tripod Sect!

When Fang Shu saw that Kai had actually killed the Second Elder’s lineage and destroyed all of their houses, he knew that this was not going to be a good thing to do!

Fang Shu hurriedly sent someone to shout at the Third Elder, the Third Elder had to step in on this matter!

Kai had destroyed so many houses at the inner gate, how could the Second Elder be willing to let it go!

If the Second Elder came and wanted to deal with Kai, then Kai would definitely not be a match for the Second Elder, so that was why Fang Shu sent someone to call for the Third Elder!

In just a few dozen seconds, not only was Kuang Biao’s mansion destroyed, but even the place where the other disciples of the Second Elder’s lineage lived was also in ruins at this point!

That golden dragon was also at the end, slowly disappearing!

As Kuang Biao looked at the wreckage before him, he almost died of anger!

“Kai, I’m going to kill you, I’m going to break you into pieces ……”

Kuang Soaring roared, the anger rising in his body.

“Come on ……” Kai had already destroyed his opponent’s mansion, so the next step was to teach this fellow Kuang Biao a good lesson!

As Kuang Biao gritted his teeth, the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler in his hand was actually growing bigger and bigger, and finally it actually became over a ten feet long, and the eight emerald green gems on it started to shine!

“Stop, are you trying to destroy the entire Inner Sect?”

Just as Kuang Biao was about to make his move, there was a sudden burst of shouting, followed by a figure approaching from afar!

Soon, the figure of the Second Elder slowly appeared, looking at the mess filled with wreckage, the Second Elder’s body emitted endless anger, his cultivation level of the Third Grade of the Combined Body Realm was on display!

“Master, this fellow has destroyed our mansion, and he has even hit and injured our people.”

Kuang Biao said as he pointed at Kai!


Just as Kuang Biao finished speaking, he was slapped fiercely by the Second Elder!

“Rubbish thing, can’t you stop him?”

“And you even want to do it here, do you want to destroy all the buildings of the inner sect?”

The Second Elder reprimanded at Kuang Biao, who lowered his head and didn’t speak anymore!

If he and Kai really started a fight here, I was afraid that none of the buildings in the Inner Sect would be spared!

After reprimanding Kuang Biao, the Second Elder coldly looked at Kai and said, “As a disciple of the Jade Tripod Sect, you dare to openly beat up your fellow disciples and destroy the mansion at the inner gate.

“Someone, arrest this Kai and put him in the water prison, no one is allowed to let him out without my order ……”


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