A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2634

Seeing his senior brother being beaten up, the disciples of the Second Elder’s lineage all came from all directions, and Fang Shu looked a little scared at the scene!

After all, this was the inner sect, and the Second Elder’s disciples were much more numerous than them!

There were only a dozen of them, so if they fought in a group, they were no match for each other!

But Kai wasn’t afraid, he just coldly swept a glance at the disciples of the Second Elder’s lineage, but didn’t pay any attention to them, and directly stepped in!

Seeing this, the disciples of the Second Elder’s lineage all retreated, no one dared to stop them, they were all shocked by Kai’s aura!

“Kuang Biao, get your ass out here, aren’t you looking for me, I’m coming ……”

Kai shouted angrily!

At this time, Kuang Biao had also rushed out from the room, looking at the beaten senior brother, his eyes coldly looked at Kai and said “Kai, you should have destroyed my door, and also injured our inner disciples, you are looking for death ……”

“I think it is you who is looking for death!” Kai snorted coldly and the Dragon Cutting Sword instantly appeared in his hand “Not only will I destroy your gate, I will also destroy your entire residence ……”

After Kai finished speaking, his body leapt up abruptly, followed by a biting sword aura from the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand!

“Humph, just you, you also want to destroy my mansion ……”

Kuang Biao coldly snorted as his body also leapt up, and in his hand was an additional inky black ruler, which was inlaid with eight emerald green gems!

“Eight Qian Desolate Ruler, Mr. Chen should be careful ……”

When Fang Shu saw the weapon Kuang Biao took out, he immediately warned Kai!

Kuang Biao’s arm for a moment, the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler was suddenly filled with black mist, a constant eerie aura emerged, and the air around it was instantly freezing cold and bone chilling!

With a flick of Kwong’s wrist, the Eight Heavenly Desolate Rulers erupted into a black sharpness that followed Kai’s sword.

Boom …………

With a loud sound, Kai instantly deflected that Kuang’s strike!

And Kai himself swayed twice before he could stabilize his body!

Seeing this scene, the corners of Kuang’s mouth lifted slightly and he said, “Kid, I’ve already broken through to the Body Combination Realm, it’s impossible for you to win against me with your strong physical body, and I won’t be fooled anymore!”

Kai looked at Kuang Biao indifferently and said coldly, “Even if you’ve advanced to the Body Merging Realm, if I were to kill you, it would be like stepping on an ant.”

“But I am not trying to kill you now, what I want is to destroy your mansion, no one can stop me ……”

As Kai finished speaking, the Dragon Chopping Sword in his hand instantly swung out in a sword flower!

“Nine Shadows Sword Technique ……”

With a blast from Kai, behind Kai, several figures identical to Kai slowly appeared!

Looking at the several identical Kai’s in front of them, many people looked dumbfounded!

However, Kuang Biao laughed coldly and said, “Just a little illusion, do you want to rely on illusions to win against me? It’s a fool’s dream ……”

After Kuang Biao finished speaking, he flew out directly and waved a storm from the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler in his hand, forcing Kai straight ahead!

Kuang Biao knew that these illusions had no offensive power at all, a little breath could blow these illusions away!

Faced with Kuang Biao’s attack, Kai was not prepared to fight!

Several figures were facing Kuang Biao, while Kai’s body had already reached the top of Kuang Biao’s head!

Boom …………

Kuang Biao whipped out a storm that instantly smashed those shadow doppelgangers of Kai to pieces, leaving none behind!

When Kuang Biao saw this scene, he laughed out loud, “Just a trivial skill, how dare you make a fool of yourself ……”

But just as he finished his words, he suddenly felt a terrifying aura erupting above his head!

And everyone was looking up, with incredulity in their eyes!


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