A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2633

When the Third Elder looked at Kai’s confident look, he was inwardly shocked beyond measure, knowing that Kai was only a Transformation Realm cultivator, and although his alchemy was strong, it did not mean that his strength was high!

A cultivator of the Harmonisation realm was ignoring a strong person of the Harmonisation realm, the Third Elder did not understand who Kai was that he could be so confident!

Nie Heng, on the other hand, gave Kai a glance and said nothing more, he was the one who knew Kai’s strength the best here!

Although Nie Heng didn’t know how strong Kai would ultimately be, but since Kai had said so, then he was definitely able to deal with that Kuang Biao!

“Mr. Chen, I’ll accompany you, so if anything happens, there’s a way to take care of it ……”

Nie Heng decided to accompany Kai to go with him to find that Kuang Biao!

Something couldn’t happen to Kai, if something happened to Kai, then he wouldn’t be able to live either!

“Fang Shu, you also bring your men along with Chen, this battle is not a battle between the two of you, Chen and Kuang Biao, but a battle for our lineage to raise our eyebrows in the Jade Tripod Sect!”

The Third Elder said to Fang Shu!

It was now known that Kai had worshipped under the Third Elder and was a member of the Third Elder’s lineage, so Kai’s battle following Kuang Biao would be a match between the Third Elder’s lineage following the Second Elder’s lineage!

If Kai won, then their Third Elder lineage would be able to raise their eyebrows and raise their status in the Jade Tripod Sect!

“Yes ……” Fang Shu nodded his head!

Soon, the group headed straight for the inner gate of the Jade Tripod Sect, and because Nie Heng was following them, no one stopped them as they passed through the outer gate!

However, many people were following behind like they were watching the action, while going to talk about it!

“I heard that the Third Elder’s home was demolished by Kuang Biao, it looks like the Third Elder’s lineage is going for revenge.”

“Retaliation my ass, haven’t you heard that Kuang Biao has already broken through to the Harmony Realm, in the future, the name of the Jade Tripod Sect’s Great Disciple is probably this Kuang Biao’s, Nie Heng is going to step down.”

“This time, the Second Elder’s line and the Third Elder’s line will definitely clash, but I heard that it’s all because of that newly promoted disciple called Kai, this will be a good show.”

Many disciples followed, wanting to go follow and see the action!

A group of people arrived at Kuang Biao’s residence, while Nie Heng whispered to Kai, “Mr. Chen, that Kuang Biao should have eaten the Mixed Element Pill to make his breakthrough, this kind of pill is a high grade pill of our Jade Tripod Sect, this kid probably ate it secretly.”

“I’ll go to the warehouse now while you’re looking for him, I’ll check it out, if this kid really stole the Mixed Neo Pill, our Jade Tripod Sect’s disciplinary rules will be able to cure him, and you won’t have to fight him anymore.”

After following Kai, Nie Heng quietly headed in the direction of the warehouse!

Fang Shu went forward and was about to knock on the door to call out Kuang Biao, but Kai said in a stern voice, “Kick the door open for me ……”

Fang Shu was stunned, but after looking at Kai, Fang Shu nodded his head and kicked the door in front of him with a fierce kick!

The door fell to the ground with a loud noise!

He had originally planned to open the Pill Pond before he could break through to the Harmony Realm, but he hadn’t expected to have a windfall even before the Pill Pond was opened!

Now that he had already broken through to the Harmonious Body realm, if the Pill Pond was opened, and he took a dip in it, then his strength would be greatly enhanced!

In that case, he would be the head of the Jade Tripod Sect in the future!

But just as Kwong was looking forward to his future, a loud noise outside woke him up and he hurriedly looked out!

At that moment, two disciples of the Second Elder’s lineage had hurriedly run to the door to check!

But just as they reached the doorway, the two Second Elder’s lineage disciples were smacked to the ground by Kai!

That Kuang Biao could beat up the disciples of the Third Elder’s lineage at will, then Kai wouldn’t be polite either!


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