A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2632

When Kai followed the Third Elder back and looked at the whole compound in a mess, with most of the houses collapsed and Fang Shu leading the clean-up, the two men were directly dumbfounded!

“Mr. Chen, Master, you’re back ……”

Fang Shu greeted Kai and the Third Elder immediately after seeing them return!

The third elder saw that Fang Shu’s face was full of bruises, obviously he had been beaten up, and asked in a stern voice “Fang Shu, what’s going on? You are the eldest disciple and you were told to guard the house, and it’s only been a few days and you’ve become like this?”

He came to see Mr. Chen and said he wanted to save face, and when he saw that Mr. Chen and you were not here, he destroyed our house and beat us up!

“That Kuang Biao is strong and not something we can deal with at all, it’s all my fault for not keeping an eye on the house, I beg Master to reprimand me ……”

Fang Shu said, kneeling directly in front of the Third Elder!

Upon hearing this, the Third Elder’s face turned red with anger, and his body trembled slightly!

“Good one Kwong Soar, he is simply bullying people too much, this is really not putting me, the Third Elder, in his eyes, if I don’t teach him a good lesson, there will be no place for me in the entire Jade Tripod Sect in the future ……”

The third elder was extremely angry and said that he was going to go and settle the score with that Kuang Biao!

Kai stopped the Third Elder and said, “This matter started because of me, I will handle it.”

After saying that, Kai looked at Fang Shu and asked, “Did Kuang Biao say anything after he left?”

“He said that when Mr. Chen returns, go to the inner gate and look for him, he wants to fight you in the ring.”

“He also said, he also said …………”

“What else did he say?” Kai asked after him!

“He also said that if you are afraid to go, he will come and beat us once a day until you do ……”

Fang Shu said!

After listening to Fang Shu’s complaint, Kai’s eyes faintly stared, an invisible anger emanated from Kai’s body, this Kwong Biao treated his fellow disciples and brothers in order to get himself to come forward, how dare he do that, it’s simply too beastly!

Feeling the anger in Kai’s body, the Third Elder and Fang Shu on the side felt a burst of fright!

“You guys clean up here, I’ll go and meet that Kuang Soaring ……”

Kai said, turning around and going to find Kuang Biao!

“Mr. Chen, I will accompany you, if this matter does not have the authorization of the second senior brother, that Kuang Biao would never dare to do this, I would like to ask if they want to completely tear their faces off with me!”

Third Elder was going to accompany Kai!

But Kai stopped the Third Elder “Third Elder, this is a matter between us, if you as an elder get involved in it, it will definitely cause a bigger conflict, doesn’t that Kuang Biao want to compete with me in the ring to get back face, then I will compete with him.”

The reason why Kaizhi didn’t let the Third Elder go was because he was afraid that the Third Elder would make a big deal out of it and affect the opening of the Pill Pond, that would be a problem!

Kai’s purpose for coming to the Jade Tripod Sect was to wait for the Pill Pond to open!

And at that moment, Nie Heng hurried over, he too had rushed over after hearing that Kuang Biao was looking for trouble with Kai, and had even destroyed the houses of the Third Elder’s lineage!

Ever since Kai had joined the Third Elder’s Lineage, Nie Heng had also followed the Third Elder’s Lineage and gotten very close!

“Mr. Chen, what are you doing here to go?”

Nie Heng asked after seeing Kai!

“Mr. Chen is going to find that Kwong Soaring ……” said Fang Shu!

“Mr. Chen, that Kuang Biao has now broken through to the Harmonious Body realm, and he must have done so at the behest of Second Master Uncle, so I think you should hold back a bit.”

“If things get too big, I’m afraid that it will affect the opening of the Pill Pond.”

Nie Heng wanted to tell Kai to hold back, he knew that Kai had come to the Jade Tripod Sect just for the Pill Pond.

“Don’t worry, I have a handle on it, even if that Kuang Soaring breaks through to the Harmony Realm, what can ……”

Kai smiled coldly, he was not afraid of a newly promoted Harmony Realm cultivator like Kuang Biao, even if it was the third rank of the Harmony Realm, Kai was not afraid, how would he be afraid of Kuang Biao, a newly promoted Harmony Realm!


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