A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2631

“You bunch of rubbish, you still want to fight me, don’t bother, that Kai come back, tell him that I want to fight him, right on top of the clan’s ring ……”

“If that Kai doesn’t go, then I’ll come and beat you all once a day ……”

After spitting towards Fang Shu and the others, Kuang Biao turned around and left!

And at this time, Kai was still in the cave chamber healing Liu Ruyan, although Liu Ruyan was naked in front of Kai, but Kai didn’t have any half-hearted thoughts!

Although Liu Ruyan’s skin was very white and smooth, if an ordinary person saw it, he would not be able to hold on to it, but Kai was no longer the young man who was in his prime, he had already seen countless women, Ji Ruxue, Ge Yuhan, which of them was not a beautiful woman!

The two of them are more and more beautiful and have good skin, so when Kai saw Liu Ruyan naked in front of him, he had no other thoughts.

If it was in the past, Kai would have been disturbed and his blood would have surged when he saw such a beautiful woman without any clothes on!

The smoke from the burning herbs continued to wrap around Liu Ruyan’s body, penetrating into her body through her skin a little!

The Third Elder was waiting anxiously outside the chamber, now three days had passed, and during these three days, the Third Elder had hardly closed his eyes!

The Third Elder hoped that Kai would wake up Liu Ruyan, although the Third Elder knew that a young man like Kai might do something in the face of a naked Liu Ruyan, but in order to wake up Liu Ruyan, the Third Elder could only turn a blind eye!

If he did wake up Liu Ruyan, Kai would be repaying Kai even if he did something to Liu Ruyan!

The Third Elder would never have imagined that Kai had no evil intentions towards Liu Ruyan at all, let alone that Kai would do something to Liu Ruyan as he thought!

Slowly, the medicinal herbs inside the Divine Peasant Cauldron burned out and the smoke slowly dispersed, but Liu Ruyan’s eyes were still slightly closed at that moment, without the slightest sign of waking up!

Seeing this, Kai frowned slightly, but in the end, he could only carry Liu Ruyan to bed and gently covered her with bedding.

Hearing a movement in the chamber, the Third Elder rushed in with great expectation!

“Mr. Chen, how is Eldest Miss doing?”

The Third Elder asked as he turned to Kai!

Kai shook his head “Miss Liu still hasn’t awakened, it seems that we need to know what kind of poison that Hu Yixiao has poisoned before we can do so.”

When the Third Elder heard this, his face was full of disappointment, but he knew that Kai had tried his best, so he said gratefully “Mr. Chen, thank you, this might be our Missy’s life ……”

“Third Elder, don’t be too pessimistic, let’s go back first, I’ll think of a way, maybe after the Pill Pond opens, I’ll have a way to save Miss Liu.”

Kai comforted the Third Elder.

After the Pill Pond opened, Kai knew that his realm would definitely be raised, and by then he might be able to think of a way to save Liu Ruyan!

“Good ……” The Third Elder nodded, and after taking a glance at Liu Ruyan, followed Kai out of the cave!

After the two people came out, the stone wall slowly closed, from the outside it was impossible to tell that there was even a cave here!

On the way back, the Third Elder kept secretly looking at Kai, with a feeling of wanting to say something but not doing so!

“Third Elder, is there something wrong with you? If you have something, just say it.”

Kai asked to the Third Elder!

“Mr. Chen, it’s not really anything, I just want to know if you have treated Eldest Miss in the past few days, she was naked, did you give her that.”

“But even if you did, it would be fine, after all, you are young and bloodthirsty, right now Missy is unconscious and doesn’t know anything, when she wakes up, she won’t know if you don’t say anything and I don’t say anything.”

The Third Elder said after Kai!

When Kai heard this, he laughed bitterly and said “Third Elder, what kind of person do you think I am Kai, I didn’t touch your Missy, and I won’t take advantage of people’s danger ……”

When the third elder heard that, he knew he had overthought and apologized after Kai!


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