A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2630

Seeing that look on Kuang Biao’s face, Nie Heng snorted coldly, held the Sovereign’s token in his hand and started walking towards the warehouse!

Kuang Biao wanted to stop, but he was a bit afraid to do so ……

“Nie Heng, holding your master’s suzerain token, you’re really imposing ……”

Just then, the Second Elder slowly walked over!

When he saw the Second Elder coming, Nie Heng hurriedly smiled and said, “Second Senior Uncle, how dare I play a majestic game in front of you, old man ……”

“Nie Heng, your master gave me the management of the warehouse, that means he trusts me, you came to inspect with the suzerain token today, do you suspect me of monitoring and stealing?”

“I can let you in to check, if you can’t find out anything, then don’t blame your second master uncle for not showing mercy ……”

The second elder said with a cold face, icily!

Nie Heng saw this and hurriedly explained “Second senior uncle you misunderstood, how dare I check you out, I was just passing by and wanted to go in and take a look ……”

“It’s alright, I won’t look anymore, I won’t look anymore …………”

Nie Heng hurriedly smiled, then turned around and left!

After seeing Nie Heng leave, the second elder looked at Kuang Biao and said “Now that you’ve broken through to the Harmony Realm, you can go and get your face back, if your third senior uncle dares to do anything, come back and tell me, if we’re bullied by that lineage of theirs, how can we still get along in the Jade Tripod Sect in the future!”

“Master, don’t worry, I’ll definitely get back my face this time ……”

After finishing his sentence, Kuang Biao took a few disciples from the Second Elder’s lineage with him and headed straight down the mountain!

At this moment, in the Third Elder’s lineage’s quarters, Fang Shu was treating the nearby mountain people!

In the absence of the Third Elder, Fang Shu took over the position of the Third Elder and gave free medical treatment to the nearby mountain people, while the other disciples were refining pills and picking medicinal herbs from the nearby mountains!

After all, for resourceful things like herbs, the Jade Tripod Sect was almost as good as allocating them to the Third Elder’s lineage!

But just as Fang Shu was treating the mountain folk, suddenly Kuang Biao rushed in with his men and chased away all the mountain folk who were seeing the patients!

Seeing Kuang Biao, Fang Shu hurriedly got up and said “Kuang Biao, what do you mean by coming here and chasing away our patients?”

“Fang Shu, how much money do these stinking mountain people have? Give them medical treatment, it’s a waste of our Yuding Sect’s resources.

Kuang Biao said to Fang Shu!

“Mr. Chen is not here, he went out ……”

Fang Shu said!

“Went out? Who are you fooling? If you don’t call him out, I’ll be unkind to you.”

Kuang Biao said as that aura of the Harmony Realm erupted from his body, instantly crushing Fang Shu and the others to the point where they couldn’t breathe!

Feeling the terrifying aura on Kuang Biao’s body, Fang Shu’s eyes were filled with shock, he didn’t expect Kuang Biao to have broken through to the peak of the Harmonization Realm!

“Mr. Chen he really isn’t here, he went out with my master ……”

Fang Shu explained!

“Third master uncle is no longer there either?” The corner of Kuang Biao’s mouth raised, then said “When that Kai comes back, you tell him, I want to fight him once more!”

“He made me lose face, I want to get it back, and you guys, don’t forget who you are and talk bad about me behind my back ……”

As Kwong Biao finished speaking, his palm flicked and a massive force instantly crushed the surrounding houses!

Looking at the collapsed houses, Fang Shu and his disciples were all anxious, they originally didn’t have much shelter and lived in this old clan ruins, and now Kuang Biao had even collapsed their houses!

“Kuang Biao, you’re bullying people too much, I’ll fight with you ……”

Fang Shu roared in anger and charged towards Kuang Biao, the other disciples of the Third Elder’s lineage also charged towards Kuang Biao.

Kuang Biao smiled coldly and just gently waved his hand, Fang Shu and the rest of them, instantly flew out backwards and fell heavily to the ground, the difference in strength was too great, Fang Shu and the rest of them had no way to get close.


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