A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2628

“Mr. Chen, you don’t have to have any worries, just strip naked, it’s just a couple of looks, as long as it wakes up Missy.”

“What herbs do you need, just tell me, if there are none here, I can give up this old face to ask for them at the Jade Tripod Sect’s warehouse.”

The Third Elder said!

“That dao is not necessary, the herbs here will be fine, but it may take a few days, so I’ll trouble Third Elder to guard the dao from the side.”

Kai said!

“No problem ……” The Third Elder agreed painfully!

Kai took out his own Shennong Cauldron, and then picked out some herbs, which were set alight inside the Cauldron, rising up in a burst of smoke and medicinal fragrance!

Next Kai picked up Liu Ruyan and gently removed Liu Ruyan’s clothes!

Seeing this, the Third Elder walked out of the room and stood guard outside!

After Kai had stripped Liu Ruyan naked, he used his spiritual energy to hold her up, suspended above the Shennong Cauldron, where Liu Ruyan’s body was vaporised directly by the smoke from the burning medicinal herbs!

At that moment, Kuang Biao, who had been humiliated by Kai in public, was being reprimanded by his own master!

Now that Kuang Biao had been humiliated, it was tantamount to humiliating all the disciples of the Second Elder’s lineage, and even the Second Elder would have no face in the Jade Tripod Sect!

As the eldest disciple of the Second Elder’s lineage, he had been humiliated by someone who had just joined the Jade Tripod Sect, and he had stood still and hadn’t been able to knock his opponent down, this was simply a great shame!

“Master, that fellow called Kai has an incredibly strong physical body, and he also has magic treasures to protect his body, that’s why I was careless and suffered a loss.”

Kuang Biao lowered his head and whispered!

Slap …………

The Second Elder slapped Kuang Biao’s face hard!

“Are you f*cking stupid? I’ve already said that guy’s physical body is incomparably strong, how dare you still promise him a match, the reason why he’s standing still and letting you hit him is because he’s only physically strong, in addition to his magic treasures to protect his body, he’s not afraid of you at all!”

“But he doesn’t dare to make a move because his strength realm isn’t very high, as soon as he does, his spiritual energy will be consumed heavily, and he will definitely lose to you in the end.”

“I never thought that you, a fool, would fall into his trap, simply a big fool …………”

The more the Second Elder cursed, the angrier he became, and kicked twice more towards that Kuang Soaring!

When Kuang Biao thought about it, he was right, if he hadn’t boasted at that time that he would put Kai down in three moves and followed Kai in a match, he guessed that soon Kai would fall into a disadvantage!

“Master is right to teach me a lesson, I’ll go find him now and have a match with that guy, I want to get back the lost face ……”

Kuang Biao decided to have a match with Kai!

“Wait a minute ……” The Second Elder called out to stop Kuang Biao “I know you came back this time because the Pill Pond is opening soon and you are trying to break through to the peak of the Transformation Realm, I have a pill here, after you take it you will be able to break through the Transformation Realm and reach the Harmony realm now.”

“Wait until you break through before you go to that kid, that way you can still be safe ……”

The Second Elder said, pulling out a pill from his arms, which was so black that it was the size of a fist!

But after seeing this pill, Kuang Biao was overjoyed and said “Master, isn’t this the Mixed Heaven Pill, this is a treasure of our Jade Tripod Sect, it is not allowed to be touched without the order of the master uncle.”

“Are you going to eat it? As the second elder of the Jade Tripod Sect, I manage the distribution of the resources of the Jade Tripod Sect, do I need an order from your master uncle to take a Mixed Heavenly Pill?”

The Second Elder said with great displeasure!

“No, no, no, of course Master doesn’t need it, I’ll eat it, I’ll eat it here ……”

As soon as Kwong soared and took the mixing pill, he started to eat it in big bites!

After one night, Kuang Biao had finally broken through to the Harmonious Body realm, and his heart swelled to the core!

Inside Nie Heng’s mansion, Nie Heng was looking at the thunder clouds drifting over Kuang Biao’s mansion, and a thunderbolt rang out, he knew that this was the sight of someone breaking through to the Harmonious Body realm!


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