A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2627

“Not bad, this is our eldest lady’s place, ever since the Jade Tripod Sect changed its dynasty and Hu Yixiao became the patriarch, our eldest lady has been living here.”

The Third Elder said!

“Third Elder, what is this all about?” Kai was all a bit confused!

“This patriarch, Hu Yixiao, only became the patriarch after he plotted to kill the former patriarch’s family.”

“Originally, the old Patriarch wanted to pass the Patriarchate to his daughter Liu Ruyan, but Hu Yixiao spied on the Patriarchate and used the old Patriarch’s trust in him to directly poison the old Patriarch’s family to death!”

“But at that time, although Missy was deeply poisoned, she was still breathing, so I brought her here, this was originally the old Patriarch’s secret place, no one knew about it except me!”

“Now many years have passed, and although Eldest Miss is not dead, I have not been able to completely remove the poison from her body, and for all these years, Eldest Miss has been in a coma!”

The Third Elder said, a look of shame appearing on his face!

“Did no one notice the sudden and violent death of your old patriarch’s family? Don’t you still have some kind of Supreme Elder?”

Kai was puzzled, this sudden death of a family, didn’t anyone suspect an investigation?

“If it wasn’t for the fact that Eldest Miss didn’t die and told me herself, I wouldn’t have suspected you, Hu Yixiao, after all, that old Patriarch treated Hu Yixiao like his own flesh and blood.”

“Hu Yixiao was also very good to the old patriarch’s family, and no one suspected him, but who knew that this guy had a snake’s heart and killed the old patriarch’s family for the sake of the patriarch’s position!”

“In order to heal Missy, I could only endure the humiliation and pretend that I didn’t know, living under that Hu Yixiao.”

The more the Third Elder spoke, the more grief and anger he felt!

As Kai listened, he also understood what the Third Elder meant.

“You brought me here because you want me to heal your Eldest Miss?”

Kai asked.

The Third Elder nodded “Not bad, Mr. Chen is highly skilled in medicine and is kind, that’s why I dared to bring you here.”

“I hope Mr. Chen can save our Miss, as long as she wakes up, I can reveal the true face of that Hu Yixiao.”

As the Third Elder said this, he actually knelt down directly to Kai!

“Third Elder, what are you doing, I can offer my hand to save her, but I need to see the condition of your Eldest Miss first, I am not a divine doctor who can bring the dead back to life either.”

Although Kai’s medical skills were good, he hadn’t reached the level of a miracle doctor, he had to see the situation first before making a decision!

The Third Elder led Kai onwards, and then entered a secret room, in which a bed was placed, and a woman was lying quietly on the bed, the woman’s face was rosy, as if she was asleep, this was Miss Liu Ruyan of the Jade Tripod Sect!

Kai walked forward and stretched out his right hand and gently probed Liu Ruyan’s pulse, then a wave of spiritual energy was input into Liu Ruyan’s body!

After about ten minutes, Kai got up and frowned slightly!

Seeing this, the Third Elder hurriedly asked, “Mr. Chen, how is it? Can you heal?”

“The situation of your Miss is really special, I can’t detect any signs of poisoning from her body, but I don’t know how she became like this. ”

“I also don’t know what kind of poison that Hu Yixiao actually put down, if I know what kind of poison that Hu Yixiao put down, perhaps I can cure it!”

It was also the first time Kai had come across such a situation!

When the Third Elder heard this, he sighed and said “This must be a poison that Hu Yixiao got from somewhere else, so many years have passed, I don’t know if that poison is still there, and that Hu Yixiao will definitely not say anything!”

“Looks like our Missy will only be in a coma in bed for the rest of her life ……”

“Third Elder, you don’t have to be so pessimistic, I can give it a try, but I may not be able to cure it, and I need to strip your Eldest Miss naked while I’m healing her, so ………… “Kai doesn’t know how to go on!


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