A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2626

“What? If you’re not convinced, I can let you in for three moves ……”

Kai sneered when he saw that Kuang Biao didn’t say anything!

“No need, willing to bet and accept defeat!” Kuang Biao’s face was cold, then he waved his hand and said “Go and take out the supplies ……”

“Remember, it’s a double ……”

Kai deep two fingers, waved towards Kuang Biao.

Kuang Biao’s face was iron blue at this time, this time he was considered to have lost his lord within the sect, and in the future, he was afraid that he would not have the face to be following Nie Heng to compete for the position of senior brother!

“Take a double ……” Kuang Biao finished with clenched teeth and looked at Kai, “Kid, I remember you, after the Pill Pond opens, I’ll find you and have a good time… …”

After the Pill Pond opened, Kuang Biao would be able to break through the peak of the Harmonization Realm and ascend to the Harmonization Realm, knowing that a major realm increase would increase his strength exponentially!

“I’m always ready to accompany you, but remember to bring some supplies with you when you approach me for a fight, I won’t make a move with you without a bet.”

Kai picked up the supplies he took out and said provocatively!

“Good ……”

Kuang Biao gritted his teeth and squeezed out a good word!

Kai followed Fang Shu back with the supplies, and seeing so many supplies retrieved this time, the disciples of the Third Elder’s lineage were overjoyed!

And Fang Shu was gleefully following the disciples as they recounted the scene they had seen!

When they heard that Kai had won these supplies by taking three moves from Kuang Biao without moving, they all looked on with admiration!

They knew that Kuang Biao’s strength was considered to be the best in the Jade Tripod Sect, and apart from the sect master and elders, he was the strongest!

But Kai was able to resist his opponent’s three moves without a scratch!

“Mr. Chen …………”

At this moment, the Third Elder, who had been inside the room, opened the door to the room and called out to Kai after hearing the chatter of the crowd!

“Third Elder ……”

Kai hurriedly went forward and asked “Is there something wrong?”

“Mr. Chen, your alchemy is so brilliant, almost to the point of perfection, I wonder if I could ask Mr. Chen for some advice?”

The Third Elder asked politely!

After all, everyone’s alchemy was a secret, and since the Third Elder and Kai were not of the same discipline, the Third Elder did not know if Kai would inform, and that was why he asked so!

“Of course I can, if Third Elder doesn’t mind my petty skills, I would be willing to teach them to you!”

Kai agreed readily!

In Kai’s view, his alchemy was all about healing and saving people, so Third Elder was hanging on to the pot to help the world, and improving some of his alchemy might be able to save some more people!

The Third Elder was a bit surprised to see Kai agree so quickly, and after a slight daze, he hurriedly said happily, “Thank you, Mr. Chen, please come with me, it is not convenient to talk here ……”

The third elder led Kai out of the room, and then walked towards a mountain peak not far away!

Kai was a little surprised, he didn’t understand where the third elder was taking him, but Kai didn’t ask, so he just followed behind!

After walking until he reached the top of the peak, the Third Elder came to a stone wall and gently tapped on it three times, and the wall moved slowly, opening up a hole!

This amazed Kai, he didn’t expect the Third Elder to have a secret!

“Mr. Chen, come in ……”

The Third Elder brought Kai into the cave, only to see that the cave was brightly lit with several long-lasting lamps, and there were many household items and even some very high grade medicinal herbs!

“Third Elder, is this your secret base?”

Kai asked curiously!

The Third Elder however shook his head “This is not my place, it is our Eldest Miss’s place ……”

“Eldest Miss?” Kai was stunned, he didn’t expect the Third Elder to be hiding a woman?


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