A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2625

The corners of Kai’s mouth lifted up inadvertently as he watched Kwong soar like that, and there was mockery and disdain in his eyes!

Seeing Kai’s expression, Kuang Biao became even more furious and his fists flashed with light!

A dazzling light erupted instantly and everyone instinctively closed their eyes!

Boom …………

There was a loud sound, as if a bomb had exploded!

Hearing the sound, the crowd opened their eyes, only to find that Kai was still standing in place, and there wasn’t the slightest injury on his body!

On the contrary, blood was dripping down from Kwong’s right wrist, and the tremendous recoil had cracked his tiger’s mouth!

Kwong’s face was pale and he could feel the stares of the people around him!

“One more move, should we continue?”

Kai looked at Kuang Biao with a faint smile!

The muscles on Kuang Biao’s face continued to throb, and a murderous aura rose in his biting eyes!

“Of course I want it …………”

Kuang Soaring took two steps back, and since his body’s began to swell, his body actually pulled up a head taller in place!

Seeing this scene, Kai knew that this guy must have practiced a power increasing technique, but Kai didn’t care!

“Mr. Chen, be careful, this is a stance of the Second Elder’s lineage, Force Uprooting Mountain.”

Fang Shu warned loudly to Kai!

And at the side, Nie Heng was also clenching his fists, intending to strike in the nick of time!

Although Kai’s strength could be compared to that Kwong Soaring, but being beaten up without moving, Nie Heng didn’t know if Kai could withstand it!

If Kai was killed, then he wouldn’t be able to survive either, as a strand of his soul was still in Kai’s hand!

He couldn’t just stand by and watch Kai die!

“Don’t worry!” Kai said with a very confident smile!

“Kid, you were actually able to force me to use my stance, you are also considered the first person in the Jade Tripod Sect ……”

With that, Kuang Biao leapt up and followed up with a kick towards Kai’s head!

This time Kuang Biao was not using his fists, nor was he big on Kai’s body anymore, but he was directly attacking Kai’s head with his foot!

It looked like this was to kill Kai, who could stand still and not be hurt at all by a kick to the head from a peak Transformation realm manuscript fee?

Seeing that Kuang Biao actually wanted Kai’s life, directly striking towards the head, Fang Shu was shocked beyond belief!

Nie Heng, on the other hand, had a shock in his breath and was about to make a move!

Kai’s eyes faintly stared, and a cold aura appeared in his eyes!

“None of you are allowed to move ……”

Kai said, not allowing Fang Shu and Nie Heng to make a move, while a golden light instantly appeared on his body, his Unbreakable Golden Body activated, and a golden scale covered Kai’s entire body!

At this moment, Kai was like a golden armored god of war, his body was full of a vast aura of righteousness as he stood motionless!

Seeing that Kai had suddenly become like this, Kuang froze for a moment, but the kick had already been struck and could not be retracted, so he kicked Kai hard in the head!

Boom …………

This kick, even if it was a body of steel, I’m afraid it could shatter!

But when the kick hit Kai’s head, Kai’s body only took three steps backwards, and there was no image of his brain bursting out!

Kuang Biao only felt that one of his feet was numb, and stood on the ground in surprise, even a little unsteady!

He really didn’t expect that Kai’s head could be so hard, even though he had used his stance he couldn’t break Kai’s defence!

“Three moves have passed, you can bring out the supplies now ……”

Kai said as he looked coldly at that Kuang Biao!

Kuang Biao stood in place, did not speak for a while, his whole body was dumb!

And the others were also silent for a while, the eldest brother in their hearts, the eldest brother with incomparable strength, had fallen, and Kai stood motionless, and had not been able to hurt Kai even a bit!

Such a difference in strength was simply not on the same level, they really couldn’t understand what realm of strength Kai was at, to have such a perverted physical body!


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